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Bringing you the most advanced Laser Hair Removal and Skin Treatments in London.

Do you feel tired of spending money on products and treatments that promise the world but keep failing to get the skin you’ve always hoped for?

Do you feel fed up or embarrassed with that feeling of stubble or a dark shadow that seems to appear along with ingrown hairs?

Or unsightly bumps and scars left on the skin?

Don’t despair. Laser hair removal and skin treatments are your secret solution at Skin Perfection London.

Leading skin and laser clinic in London with solutions to skin dilemmas

Treat your acne, scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, open pores and unwanted hair with advanced laser hair removal and skin treatments at London’s laser and skin clinic, Skin Perfection.

You don’t need to worry anymore. And in fact look any further as Skin Perfection London have all the solutions to change this dilemma.

Furthermore deliver you smooth, clear and healthy skin you’ve always longed for and dreamed of. No matter what your concern is, we have it covered for all your skin needs and desires.

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Laser Skin Clinic Treatments London

The treatment plans we provide at our laser skin clinic in London are tailored to your individual skin conditions and concerns.

We use the newest technology – state of the art, FDA-approved and clinically-proven machines and products – to give you the best possible results.

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clara Armando
clara Armando
I have definitely seen a great improvement from my laser hair removal treatment and I would definitely recommend the clinic for dark skin person. The staff is so lovely and friendly thank you very much.
Julia de Peretti
Julia de Peretti
Great laser clinic! Very professional, incredibly clean. Would recommend, the treatments really work.
Sophie Latham
Sophie Latham
Despite my laser hair removal journey being interrupted by the pandemic, I am very happy with the quality of SP’s services. The staff are always friendly and eager to help, and I have noticed significant improvement in the targeted areas. The discomfort is absolutely minimal and fades in a few seconds — it definitely beats years of waxing and shaving for me! I have already recommended SP to a friend who has also been undergoing laser treatment. I would suggest booking as many sessions as you are able to and away from the summer months if possible for the best results.
Connor Nat
Connor Nat
I came across Skin Perfection after doing some research online. I read some very positive reviews and decided to book in for a consultation. During the consultation I received a very friendly and professional welcome. My proposed treatments (to correct skin pigmentation on my face and also laser removal) were discussed sympathetically and in detail and afterwards I felt confident that I had made the right choice to proceed with treatment. I have had three sessions so far with my specialist Viktoria A and the results have been fantastic. Viktoria is highly professional, friendly and good fun. She is also very thoughtful and takes time to ensure everything is done correctly and that I am comfortable throughout the whole process (explaining steps as she goes along). I am halfway through my treatment and the results are great and I would most definitely recommend this clinic (and Viktoria) to anyone considering skin and laser treatment. A+
Dodo Mk
Dodo Mk
I started my laser journey several years ago on my legs with Skin Perfection. 6 years later I was still happy with the results, and so I’ve decided to continue with other areas. I am about half way through my treatment and I can already see clear improvements in all areas. I don’t feel the need to shave anywhere near as much even at this stage in the process. The team has always been accomodating, and I feel comfortable with them. The location is a huge bonus, as it makes it easier to get to from anywhere in London I may be on the day.
Alexandra Sloboda
Alexandra Sloboda
I was initially somewhat anxious about laser hair removal and was of the impression that it would be a very invasive treatment but Rachael put me at ease and made me comfortable about the procedure from day 1. Rachel is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and above all, I was able to see a clear difference after a few laser hair treatments and have even purchased a second package for another area of the body despite living on the other side of London! The rest of the staff, especially Ezter from Reservations are an absolute delight and always go out of their way to please! I now no longer need to worry about shaving for the rest of my life - a great time saver!
Alicene Alcindor
Alicene Alcindor
Skin Perfection was recommended to me by a friend (skin tone ref: Kelly Rowland) who experienced fantastic results from having laser hair removal. After booking my consultation I then went on to complete an 8 sessions course of laser hair removal. The results for me have been life altering as I no longer have to wax or use razors. I actually saw a big reduction in hair growth after just the first session. Areas I had treated were: face, underarms, bikini. I also had three sessions of a chemical peel which was recommended for me based on the free photo skin analysis which I took advantage of. For reference, I am of Caribbean descent with a medium dark skin tone (skin colour ref. Nia Long)
Petya Peneva
Petya Peneva
I had course of skin peel and my main concern was pigmentation and acne. Now my skin looks clear and healthier and I am very happy with my results. Mariya is very knowledgeable and proffecional. I highly recomend Skin perfection to everyone. Thank you!

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