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Are you looking for the best laser hair removal West End London?And do you need a lunchtime, early evening or weekend appointment, to fit in with your busy day?

Then call us today at Skin Perfection London to book your free consultation.

About Skin Perfection London

We are the leading clinic providing results-driven skin care and laser hair removal treatment in the heart of London’s West End.

Our team of laser specialists, aestheticians and doctors are among the most experienced and qualified in the world of cosmetic treatments.

When you visit us at our luxurious, modern clinic, you can be sure of a warm welcome, a relaxed and friendly vibe, where exceptional service and skin perfecting treatments are our passion.

Lunch-time, early evening or weekend appointments

We know you’re busy, so can offer you an appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

We have

  • lunchtime appointments – ideal for laser procedures that have little or no downtime, if you need to return to work afterwards
  • evening appointments – on weekdays up to 8pm
  • weekend appointments – on Saturdays up to 5.30pm.

How to find us

We are conveniently located in the West End of London, close to Oxford Street and Regent Street.

We’re a 5-minute walk from Oxford Circus underground station (on the Central Line) and Cavendish Square car park.

Several bus services have stops close by, including numbers 13, 88, 137, 189, 453, C2.

About Skin Perfections laser hair removal London clinic

Shaving, waxing, epilating and other forms of hair removal can be costly and time-consuming. They can also irritate the skin, cause ingrown hairs and leave you with spots or bumps, and even scars.

Laser hair removal is a simple, fast and safe way to remove excess body hair while avoiding unwanted side effects.

It is recommended by the NHS and GPs as an effective treatment for hirsutism (excess hair growth in women).

Statistics show that after a full course of laser treatment (we recommend at least six or nine sessions, plus top-ups where needed), 60%-95% of targeted hair will be reduced or permanently removed.

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Laser hair removal at Skin Perfection

We provide laser treatment that is

  • fast, effective and comfortable
  • suitable for all skin types
  • ideal for removing even the finest face and body hair.

Our expert practitioners are specially trained, qualified and insured to deliver the best possible results for all skin types, including Asian and African-Caribbean skins.

We are a special treatments licence holder with the City of Westminster Council, which means our premises and equipment meet strict government standards relating to your safety, comfort and well-being.

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