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Skin Care Brands To Trust This Christmas

Christmas is almost here, which means most of us still have some last-minute shopping to do! To help you with gift ideas, we’ve created a list of skin care brands that we recommend. Any product from these brands would be a memorable gift for a special friend or family member.

Clean skin effectively with Epionce

Epionce products are becoming highly popular among doctors and medical aesthetic clinics in the UK. There’s a good reason for this – as their products are formulated with potent botanical ingredients that have a highly effective delivery system. This means they don’t cause irritation to even the most sensitive of skin types.

The Epionce product lines we recommend range from ‘Cleanse & Prepare’ to ‘Protect & Prevent’. The ‘Cleanse & Prepare’ products remove dirt from the skin while leaving your skin feeling refreshed at the same time. In addition, ‘Correct & Boost’ products are perfect for those wanting to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

To see these products, you can visit our Epionce page.

Remedy skin problems with DermaQuest

DermaQuest’s products use the most advanced skin care formulas available due to the brand’s focus on innovation.

DermaQuest products are formulated with innovative ingredients that are considered to be essential to the industry today. These ingredients are used to create luxury skincare products that can address any client concern. In total, DermaQuest has nine different collections to treat an array of problems, including the ‘Advanced Therapy Collection’ and the ‘Stem Cell 3D Collection’.

To see each collection, browse through our DermaQuest page.

Restore skin vibrancy with Obagi Medical

Obagi Medical’s products help reduce the appearance of premature skin ageing, skin damage, pigmentation, acne and sun damage. Obagi Medical have a range of products that are tailored to all skin types. One great stocking filler is the ‘Obagi Nu-Derm System’, which helps correct the visible signs and appearance of ageing. It comes in two variations – one being ‘normal to dry skin’, and the other ‘normal to oily skin’.

Please browse through our Obagi Medical page to view their products.

Look stunning with ColoreScience

ColoreScience has set out to create a unique range of products that promote beauty and health.

They’ve created a line of luxury makeup that gives women the most prestigious colours, textures and definition – all whilst delivering healthy skin.

ColoreScience has a range of products which are suitable for different skin types. Their products include ‘The Sunforgettable Collection’, which contains foundation, powder, brushes and mists – all perfect gifts for that someone special.

Visit our ColoreScience page to browse through their products.

Cover skin conditions with Lycogel

Lycogel specialises in anti-ageing products and make-up for people who have sensitive skin or skin conditions.

Their products are perfect for those people who want to look their best but are conscious about irritating their skin. One such product is ‘Breathable Camouflage’, which comes in 12 variations for different skin types. Another is ‘Breathable Balm’, which energises and protects the skin against the elements.

Take a look at our Lycogel page to browse through their products.

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