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How to get Valentine’s Day skin confident

The key to a successful Valentine’s Day skin confidence is self-confidence. Whether you are just dating, or in a long term relationship, confidence is the key to a successful evening.

Skin Perfection London offer a variety of treatments to help you feel your best this Valentine’s Day, with cosmetic treatments performed by only the most experienced specialists.

Here are 5 treatments to get Valentine’s Day skin confident

1. Acne Treatment
Acne, for some lucky people, comes and goes, leaving not much of a trace. But many others are left with the reminders a long time after our teenage years are behind us. Or you may still be suffering from the dreaded acne. Either way, at Skin Perfection London, we have a treatment that works for you. When you meet with our skin expert, they will help choose the procedure that works best suits your needs.

2. Wrinkle relaxing injections
Skin Perfection London only uses specially-qualified and fully registered doctors to assure you have the very best experience with us. Within 7 to 10 days you will see a marked improvement in the appearance of wrinkles, and this can last up to 4 months dependent on your lifestyle. The best part is the whole procedure only takes 10 minutes to carry out and has no recovery time at all!

3. Laser Hair Removal
A permanent solution to excess body hair for all skin types. Many women have insecurities surrounding excess body hair, often spending a vast amount of time and money shaving, waxing or plucking their hair and damaging their skin. Skin Perfection offers an effective and time-saving alternative to other ways of hair removal with our laser hair removal treatment.

4. Lip Enhancement
At Skin Perfection London we offer lip enhancements, creating naturally plump lips that last between 6 to 12 months. Lip enhancement doesn’t only increase the plumpness of your lips, but it also helps to soothe out any lines and gives them a natural lift creating a more youthful appearance.

5. Stretch Mark Treatment
Unfortunately, stretch marks are a problem that most women struggle with, Skin Perfection London offer treatments to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, or even get rid of them all together. With either micro-needling or by laser skin resurfacing, you won’t need to feel embarrassed by your stretch marks any longer.

Skin Perfection offer a variety of treatments to get you looking your best and restoring your confidence in your appearance.
Valentine’s day is just around the corner so call us on 0207 6294 116 to book your consultation and feel confident in your skin again.

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