Take Advantage Of Male Treatments Discount

Take Advantage Of Male Treatment Discount

Until the 30th of July, you can get money off our range of male treatments.

Get up to 45% off and save hundreds of pounds on our skin treatments and hair removal sessions.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is perfect for men who want to remove body hair without the pain of waxing. Suitable for men with dark hair and all skin types, laser hair removal is an effective way to remove hair with limited pain or discomfort.


Before we begin treatment, you will need to see us for a consultation. This is to make sure that you are suitable for the treatment. If all goes well, you will have your first appointment with us scheduled.

Before this appointment, we ask you to either shave or trim the area you would like treated. It is very important you only shave or trim, do not use any hair removal methods that pull the hairs out of the skin (such as waxing or plucking).

We also ask that you do this after your consultation, as we need to see the condition on your natural hair in order to make an accurate assessment.

At your appointment, we will go over and remove any hairs you might have missed and cover any tattoos/beauty spots/moles.

The Treatment

Before we commence the full treatment, your laser practitioner will make sure the laser is at the correct setting for your specific hair types. She will do a quick test on you with the laser to make sure it feels comfortable and as painless as possible.

We will then continue with the treatment, you may feel a minor tingling and heat sensation but that is completely normal.

You might also find that the skin is slightly red and tense after the treatment. This is also normal, but we will apply an aloe vera gel to the area.

The redness will fade quickly, and you can expect to see a change in the hair growth after just one session!


This offer include six full laser hair removal treatments, hundreds of pounds cheaper than at full price.

Male Treatments – Skin Care Courses

We also have discounts on a range of skincare treatments, especially for men.


The Dermaroller is perfect for those who are wanting to improve the texture of their skin. It is also effective in reducing the appearance of scarring.

The Dermaroller works by penetrating the skin, causing tiny controlled wounds. By creating the small wounds, it will stimulate your bodies natural production of collagen which repairs the skin.

As collagen is what gives your skin its strength and firmness, this treatment is effective in maintaining strong and youthful skin.

Photo Facial Rejuvenation

Photo Facial Rejuvenation can help you if you suffer from any of the following:

Sun damage and sun spots
Wide areas of pigmentation
Age spots
Rosacea, redness to the cheeks and face
Broken or thread veins
Skin tightening

The laser treatment works by an emitting light energy that is picked up brown and red lesions in the skin. As the heat is emitted it tightens the skin and stimulates collagen and elastin while also reducing any open pores.

If you are interested in booking any of these male treatments for you or for someone else, then visit our offers page. Or call us on 020 7629 4116.

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