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Wedding Skincare tips

Wedding skincare tips from Skin Perfection
It will soon be wedding season, and for brides everywhere — and their guests – part of preparation for the big day is a good skin care regime! Start now with our exclusive Wedding skincare tips to get beautiful skin for the big day with these essential tips from Skin Perfection London.

Your skin is as unique as you are, so it is best to start by discussing your skin concerns and goals with an Epionce skin professional. They can analyze your skin in a one-on-one appointment, listen to your concerns and best determine the right Epionce products for you. This is why we recommend you start a regime by consulting with one of our Epionce experts.

Epionce skin care professionals are trained in the science of skin, and the technology in Epionce products. Decades of research by practicing dermatologist and founder, Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, led to the development of the line to provide solutions for a variety of skin issues. The products were created to work synergistically with each other to give the best therapeutic benefit to the user for a wide range of concerns, including signs of ageing, dark spots, very dry and sensitive skin, and even oily and problem skin. An Epionce skin care professional understands how to tailor your regime to your skin’s unique needs and following a detailed skin health check with our famous Skinobserv, will be able determite a suitable treatment plan for you.

Get a head start with your Wedding skincare
To give your skin time to adjust, start any new regime at least a month before the wedding day. With new products, your skin may purge and you could experience a few blemishes. Starting early will also allow for time to see the results you want for the wedding day!

Incorporate a few Epionce basics
Beautiful skin doesn’t require a complicated regime, so start with a few Epionce basics. First, use an Epionce cleanser to help remove impurities without causing irritation. Try Lytic Gel Cleanser, a fan favourite for its soothing, deep clean.

The line of Lytic products helps purify pores and even out the visible appearance of skin texture. Renewal Facial products will give your skin rich moisture, calm irritated skin and reduce visible redness. The result is more radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Mask once per week
Enriched Firming Mask is an easy solution to dull, irritated skin to help it look its best. The soothing mask uses botanical ingredients to help calm blemishes and redness. Your skin will feel hydrated and appear visibly tighter and firmer.

Refresh with a professional peel
An Epionce chemical peel can be a jump start for healthier-looking skin. The mild but effective Lite Peel: Refresh is performed by our Epionce skincare professionals and will help unclog pores and smooth texture to reveal brighter-looking skin.

For more information, speak to your Epionce skin care professional at Skin Perfection, by contacting us on 0207 629 4116 or via email on

Wedding skincare Tips for Amazing Skin All Over Your Body for Your Big Day

Wedding attire can highlight skin concerns like dryness and blemishes, usually hidden by layers of clothing. Here are a few simple tips from Skin Perfection to add to your routine for a healthy-looking skin on your big day

Protect skin all over the body
Sunscreen is an important anti-ageing product for all areas of your body where skin is exposed to sun. To keep your skin looking youthful, apply sunscreen generously – especially when spending the day outside. This will help prevent visible signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles on your body. Apply a full one ounce of sunscreen to cool, dry skin at least 20-30 minutes before going outside.

Anti-Ageing isn’t just for the face
Just like your favourite Renewal Facial product, make Renewal Enriched Body Lotion part of your daily anti-ageing regime. The same key ingredients found in your Renewal Facial product help to reduce the visible appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone on your body.

For a dewy look on arms and legs, apply Extreme Barrier Cream before leaving the house. The super-hydrating formula will help prevent dryness and give you the appearance of glowing skin.

Use a toner all over
A toner isn’t just for the face, but can help achieve beautiful skin on the body. If you experience dry skin in the summer, spray Balancing Toner on arms, legs and torso to lock in hydration. To help control the visible appearance of blemishes, use Purifying Toner on chest, back, arms and legs. This will calm redness and help reduce the appearance of oil that can lead to breakouts. Finish with Renewal Enriched Body Lotion to hydrate and help protect skin from factors that can lead to irritation.

Talk to your Epionce skincare expert to help you achieve your skin goals in preparation for your big day and book a complimentary skin health check at Skin Perfection. Please call 0207 629 4116 or email us on for more details.

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