Rosacea Treatment Options at our Award Winning London Clinic Nr Oxford Circus

Rosacea Treatment Options

Rosacea treatment options at Skin Perfection London
Rosacea is a life-long skin condition which tends to affect people over the age of 30. There are several symptoms that can arise with rosacea, from redness on the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead, broken veins or capillaries on the surface of the skin, small bumps, pimples and sometimes pustules on the red parts of the face and in some cases, burning and soreness of the eyes.

Rosacea tends to affect those of Celtic origin or have fair skin and can worsen with stress and consuming ‘trigger’ foods and drinks such as cheese, spicy foods, chocolate and red wine. It is not known what causes rosacea, but it seems to run in families and is caused by some kind of irritation within the skin. However, this is not an infection caused by bacteria and the condition is not contagious.

For some, the symptoms of rosacea can cause self-consciousness, embarrassment and in some extreme cases, can cause depression, especially when a ‘flair up’ occurs. As this condition can be caused by stress, a cycle can occur when a sufferer experiences emotional trauma from the condition, thus causing their rosacea to worsen, further.

The pattern of redness on a rosacea sufferers face makes it a condition easily diagnosed by doctors. Rosacea is not curable, but there are many treatments available that can significantly improve the symptoms of this condition.

At Skin Perfection in the heart of London’s West End, we recognise that the symptoms of rosacea can prove stressful and upsetting. Therefore, we have carefully selected a range of treatments to ease symptoms and soothe irritated, red skin, caused by the condition.

Rosacea Treatment Options

Laser photo-facial skin rejuvenation is a 30 to 90-minute, device-led procedure with minimal downtime and discomfort, where intense pulses of light are used to penetrate deep into the skin. This process produces collagen and causes blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, thus reducing redness and promoting healing of the skin. A course of at least 4 sessions is needed, plus occasional top up treatments for rosacea sufferers.

LED Light Therapy, when used to treat rosacea, suppresses inflammation, reduces redness and helps to calm and soothe the skin. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or holistically integrated with other procedures such as Dermafrac micro-needling. The process of LED light therapy helps to calm the skin, following more invasive procedures and is a very relaxing and de-stressing treatment, which can aid healing and wellbeing. A minimum of 3 to 6 sessions are required for optimum results.

Dermal Peels are superb treatments as they can be tailor-made to a specific concern. With minimal downtime and beautiful results, a course of skin peels can smooth, calm and even the tone and texture of skin with rosacea. After an initial consultation, which will include a full skin-health check, you will be treated to one of our peels, which all contain natural, active and botanical ingredients. Peels penetrate the top layers of the skin, removing dead and damaged skin cells, surface debris and calm, detox and soothe irritated and red skins.
Rosacea can be a problematic skin condition, but at Skin Perfection, our expert practitioners will help to minimise your symptoms, calm and soothe your skin and to prevent further outbreaks, leaving you with beautifully smooth, evenly tones, baby-soft skin.

For more information about Rosacea treatment options or to book a no-obligation consultation, contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable team on 0207 629 4116.

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