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Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin

The diversity of London in 2018 is something to behold. People of colour represent a growing proportion of Britain’s population, but the aesthetic industry hasn’t always been able to cater for the different skin types. Laser hair removal is one treatment that was once not appropriate – even dangerous – for black, Asian and olive skin tones. Technology has made advances and today laser hair removal for dark skin is an option.

Before the technological developments, skin with a higher melanin content was absorbing a lot of the light which was meant to target the hair. The intensity of these lasers led to skin hyperpigmentation, burning and scarring on patients with darker skin tones.

A different laser type, known as Nd:YAG, with a wavelength of 1064 nm, was then developed and has been proven to be safe and effective for all skin types. This wavelength is absorbed less by melanin, which means the skin is practically bypassed by the laser. The pigment in the hair still needs to be darker than the skin in order for the follicle to be targeted and destroyed, however. A consultation is always required to determine if the hair is suitable for laser-targeted removal.

Unwanted body hair can affect anyone. Some feel low on confidence due to dark, thick or noticeable hair in areas such as the face, chin, underarms and stomach. At Skin Perfection we also treat legs and bikini areas to negate the need for expensive and time-consuming waxing, shaving or creams.

The treatment can also be used to encourage hair to grow straight, preventing painful ingrown hairs. Coarse or curly hair is particularly prone to chronic ingrowth. This treatment is popular amongst men with beards that suffer when they grow.

Laser hair removal is fast; treatments can be completed in as little as 20 minutes depending on the area. It has no downtime, and you will find a new-found freedom from shaving and waxing. The treatment works only on hairs in a particular growth phase, so to achieve good results, multiple treatments are required. Results are proven to be successful in reduction of hair growth.

We strongly advise anybody interested in laser hair removal for dark skin to check that the treatment provider is experienced in treating your skin type. Our skilled technicians have carried out this treatment for years and will tailor the treatment to the patient in hand.

If you suffer from unwanted hair, book a consultation with Skin Perfection today.

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