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Five Hair Removal Methods – Make The Right Choice

It may still be chilly outside but here at Skin Perfection London, we are already seeing a vast increase in enquiries from our patients of how to rid themselves of unwanted facial and body hair in time for the summer months. With the desire for smoother skin but for spending less time in the bathroom using traditional hair removal methods; our laser hair removal procedure is in huge demand here at the clinic.

There are lots of hair removal methods on the market today and with the average woman spending over £12k in hair removal in her lifetime, hair removal can be expensive! Trends are changing for men too and more and more of our male clients are talking about losing their unwanted fuzz too! For those who are researching hair removal methods, here are 5 top tips on how to get smoother skin and their pros and cons:

Laser Hair Removal

By far  the most permanent method for hair reduction; in the hands of a professional, it can mean up to a 90% reduction in unwanted frizz. Laser device technology has improved hugely in recent years and over a course of just 6 to 9 sessions using the Cynosure™ Elite or Apogee systems, you could be enjoying drastic hair reduction leading to smoother, silkier skin on the face and body with potentially only annual maintenance sessions. If you’re looking for some of the best laser hair removal London has to offer, get in touch.


This offers smoother skin for up to 6 weeks but is not for the faint hearted. As waxing involves a hot wax being applied to the skin and ripping the hair from its root, it can be eye-wateringly painful. This is an option for those who don’t mind the pain and regular visits to the salon.


This method is fast, cheap and instantly effective but can dry the skin excessively as it needs to be repeated most days as regrowth is fast and can feel bristly. Not one for those in need of a time saving, more permanent solution.

Hair removal cream

Like shaving, this is a cheaper option to laser and waxing and is also an at-home treatment. However, if you have skin that is sensitive to the chemicals in hair removal creams, this can sting and cause redness. Hair removal creams also smell rather awful, like cat urine! So, open a window!


Like waxing, epilation removes the hair from the root but via a hand-held device that you can use at home. Although you’ll get a longer lasting result than shaving or creams, if you think waxing is painful, don’t even think about epilating! Rotating metal blades pull the hairs from the roots which can feel like torture and as the process takes longer than waxing, this can be doubly excruciating!

For more information on effective, long-lasting and safe hair reduction in time for the summer, contact us here at Skin Perfection London for laser hair removal on 02076294116.

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