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Hirsutism; An Excess Hair Condition, and How To Treat It

What is Hirsutism

Excessive or unwanted hair that grows on a woman’s face or body is a condition known as hirsutism. Every one of us has facial and body hair and in women it is usually lighter in colour and fine or downy, but with hirsutism the hair tends to be quite thick and dark. Excessive hair tends to grow on a woman’s face, arms, back or chest with this condition, and women of Mediterranean, South Asian and Middle Eastern heritage are most likely to develop it.

Hirsutism can develop due to a higher than normal level of male hormones including testosterone. This can occur due to certain medical conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and adrenal gland disorders, which cause hormonal changes in the body. Although the presence of excess hair is not dangerous, it can lead to feelings of self-consciousness, anxiety and even depression. The hormonal imbalance that can lead to hirsutism can also affect a woman’s health.

Treating Hirsutism


At Skin Perfection London, we understand that hirsutism can cause emotional distress and offer Cynosure® Elite+ and Apogee + class 4 laser systems in our central London clinic, to permanently reduce unwanted facial and body hair, caused by this condition. Cynosure® Elite is a highly powerful laser with a range of spot sizes, making it one of the most effective lasers for hair removal on larger and smaller areas of the face and body with no downtime and no side-effects.

Elite can treat a variety of skin types including darker and Asian skins, making it the perfect treatment for those with hirsutism. Elite can treat both men and women and is medically proven to permanently reduce hair growth.

During laser hair removal treatment, the laser device will be passed over shaved skin and the laser light will penetrate the hair follicle, eventually causing it to be destroyed. Over a course of treatment, you will see a gradual reduction in hair growth and after your full course, up to 95% of unwanted, excess hair could be removed.

Prior to any laser hair removal treatment, we always recommend a pre-treatment consultation with one of our laser experts, to determine the course of treatment required for your individual concerns and the results you can realistically expect. Skin Perfection London is a specialist laser clinic located in Oxford Circus: the heart of the capital. We pride ourselves on continual education and making sure our patients get the best treatments available on the market.

For more information on treating excessive hair, speak with one of the team on 0207 629 4116.

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