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Thread Vein Removal Treatment Options

If you suffer with thread veins, you’ll know how much of a nuisance they can be, especially now as the weather is getting more pleasant and we all start to bare a little more flesh! Thread veins (also known as spider veins) are tiny veins that can appear just below the surface of the skin. They tend to be red in appearance and spread out to give a spidery looking pattern, hence the nick name ‘spider veins’. Thread veins can appear anywhere on the body but most commonly appear on the legs and the face. When appearing on the face, they can prove difficult to cover up with makeup. At Skin Perfection in the heart of London, we understand that thread veins can be an annoying and troublesome condition. We offer laser or IPL thread vein removal treatments for long-term results.

Laser Thread Vein Removal

When we treat thread veins with laser, a device is used to direct a beam of laser light on to the unwanted veins. This causes them to heat up extremely quickly, break down and collapse inwardly. The process itself is called photothermolysis. Our state-of-the-art laser ensures that none of the surrounding tissues are damaged during this process and only the unwanted thread veins are removed. The treatment will permanently remove the spider veins but won’t prevent further veins appearing if you tend to suffer with reoccurring breakouts. However, we are on hand to offer you advice on how to minimise the risk of causing further veins from appearing. You’ll probably need a course of treatment and can expect to see a reduction in your unwanted veins of up to 75%.  We tend to use laser for larger thread veins on the body.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Thread Vein Removal

IPL uses a non-laser, high intensity source of light to treat finer spider veins close to the surface of the skin. This treatment is perfect for facial areas. IPL heats up and damages the walls of the veins, again, causing them to collapse on themselves and disappear over time and form scar tissue. The body reabsorbs the veins naturally and in a course of weeks, expect to see a significant improvement in the appearance of your thread veins.

What is the difference between IPL and laser?

Lasers produce a single wavelength of light (colour), which allows them to target a variety of skin and vein problems but lasers tend to be best for treating deeper veins such as those on the legs. IPL devices can emit a multitude of wavelengths and this is beneficial for treating thread veins that are closer to the surface of the skin, like those on the face. However, as the amount of each wavelength on an IPL device can be varied, is can allow the same IPL device to be used to target a variety of different vein and skin conditions.

At Skin Perfection London, we have all the necessary qualifications and accreditations in both laser and IPL technologies so that we can advise and guide you to the correct treatment for your individual concern. Our expertise will ensure you receive the very best of care and efficacy of treatment to leave you with clearer, calmer looking skin all-year-round.

To book your no-obligation thread vein removal consultation with us, call us today on 0207 629 4116.

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