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Facial Laser Hair Removal – For men and women

In general we usually associate facial hair with men. During puberty, men will develop facial hair as part of the natural development process. However, many women can experience facial hair, and for several reasons. These can be a change in hormones or conditions such as PCOS or Hirsutism, or even the natural onset of ageing. But it’s not only women that seek a solution to combat their facial hair. Men can also desire a smoother facial appearance and at Skin Perfection London we understand that the appearance of facial hair can be emotionally stressful for both sexes.

Facial Laser Hair Removal – Our Solution

Waxing, shaving and epilating facial hair can not only be a nuisance but is ongoing and can be very painful. Most women don’t want to shave their facial hair as it can make the hairs appear thicker and darker when they grow through. Waxing and epilating, especially for men, who’s facial hair is usually very thick and dense, is extremely painful and who wants to go through that every 4 to 6 weeks? Laser hair removal is a fast, effective and safe way to permanently reduce facial hair and at Skin Perfection London, we only use FDA approved medical lasers by Cynosure, a globally renowned medical laser device company.

Laser hair removal works by emitting a selected light energy on to the skin which penetrates down in to the hair follicle, causing it to go to ‘sleep’. Over a course of treatment, you will see a significant reduction in hair growth and in many cases, up to 90% of the hair can be permanently removed. Unlike IPL, laser light can be selected in accordance to the skin and hair type, therefore Fitzpatrick skin types 1 to 6 can be treated. With IPL, this selective process is not possible and therefore some darker skin types cannot be treated.

In smaller areas such as the face, chin and neck, laser hair removal is an incredibly fast procedure and results can be seen after the first treatment. Razor bumps can also be calmed with this process and therefore many men are now selecting laser hair removal as their preferred method of choice.

Your Facial Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Before any treatment can commence, you’ll be asked to attend a consultation with one of our laser specialists, so that your medical history and individual concerns can be discussed. It will be at this stage that we will offer a patch test to ensure that the hair responds correctly to treatment and your skin does not react to the laser.

The facial laser hair removal treatment itself is far less painful than some IPL and laser treatments; our Cynosure devices offer multi-wavelength technologies and a cooling system to calm and soothe the skin during treatment. We want you to feel some sensation so that you are aware that the treatment is working; This should not be a painful experience for you, especially when it concerns the face, neck and chin. We ensure maximum comfort for you throughout your treatment.

Laser Hair Removal at Skin Perfection

Removing facial hair no longer needs to be a difficult, laborious or painful experience and at Skin Perfection in the very heart of London, our regulated and registered laser devices will offer a swift solution for optimum results that last.

For more information about facial laser hair removal, contact the Skin Perfection team today on 0207 629 4116.

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