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Skin Observ – Why a skin health check is vital

Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It protects your inner physiology and safeguards against various injuries, is a warning beacon for extreme heat and cold and an indicator of certain health and lifestyle issues. With all this in mind, no wonder the skin is susceptible to environmental damage, ageing and degradation as time goes on.

At Skin Perfection in the heart of London’s shopping district of Oxford Street and Bond Street – only minutes from the hub of aesthetic medicine, Harley Street – we offer a full 360 patient journey from initial consultation through to treatment for a wide-range of skin concerns, as well as post and aftercare advice.

One aspect of maintaining good skin health and knowing how to treat certain conditions is that of a full skin health check, prior to treatment and this is something we offer as standard, initially and ongoing to all our patients.

Skin Observ

Our Skin Observ monitoring system is a unique device which highlights the various skin damage that can occur though the natural ageing process as well as environmental damage such as sun-exposure and pollution. Using this device, we can see what is happening under the skin’s surface, so we can produce a tailor-made, bespoke plan of treatment for optimum success and maximum results.

Using the Skin Observ system for both imaging prior to treatment and for diagnosis as well as to show the after effects of treatment means that you can see the progress you have made under our care.

Why do I need a skin health check?

Skin health checks and regular monitoring can detect not only damage caused by the sun, ageing and pollution but can also act as an early warning for more serious skin conditions and disease.

In many cases, early detection of various conditions can mean the difference between successful treatment and ongoing issues. Therefore, we advise you that when you are with us, to maintain regular skin checks so that you can ensure your skin is healthy not only in its appearance but from within.

Get a Skin Health Check in London

At Skin Perfection, we are passionate about offering our patients a bespoke service to maintain a radiant and beautiful complexion, but we are also well-aware that your skin health is also your own responsibility.

Checking skin tags and moles as well as your general skin health on a regular basis at home will contribute to the maintenance of your skin and if you keep a regular maintenance plan at home, as well as letting us take care of you with our Skin Observ system, you are safeguarding your skin and investing in your overall youthful and healthy appearance for years to come.

Your skin works hard for you every day. Give it the nurturing and protection that it needs with regular skin health checks and our bespoke range of treatments, here at Skin Perfection London.

If you would like to arrange a skin health check with one of our highly-qualified team, get in touch with us today to book your appointment

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