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When will I see laser hair removal results?

If you are researching laser hair removal as a potential solution to your unwanted or excess hair, you’ll probably already know that it is considered the most effective treatment for the permanent reduction of hair on the face and body. At Skin Perfection in the heart of London and only 5 minutes from Harley Street and Oxford Circus, we specialise in medical-grade laser hair removal for fast and effective results that you’ll love.

Hair Removal Results – Choosing the best methods

Many people with unwanted or excess hair grow tired of waxing, shaving and epilating and seek to find a solution which will have more long-term results. In a course of treatment with occasional top up sessions, your hair can be permanently reduced, eliminating the need for other laborious or very painful treatments. Hair on areas such as the upper lip, chin, chest, legs, back and bikini line can be treated with laser hair removal. But how long can you expect to see results with this treatment?

Unlike many IPL or laser hair removal systems, the gold standard, Cynosure system which is used by our experts here at Skin Perfection offers medical-grade, multi-wave technology which means a quicker result for a wider range of skin types, from very light to very dark.

Laser Hair Removal Results – how long will I wait?

Following a treatment with laser hair removal, for 7 to 30 days afterwards, it may appear that the treated hairs are beginning to grow back. This is not actually the case. The hair follicles which have been damaged by the laser hair removal treatment are expelling the weakened hairs from your skin. During this period, you can shave the area but should not pluck or wax as this interferes with the laser process. After a few weeks, your smoother, more hair free skin will be visible.

Because individual hairs grow at different rates and reach different phases at various times, a course of several treatments are required for the best laser hair removal results and to target all the hair follicles. The laser will only be effective on hairs that are in the active growth phase (Anagen phase). You can expect to need around 6 to 9 treatments, spaced around 3 to 6 weeks apart so that all the hair follicles in the target area are treated at the right time. Depending on the size of the treatment area, you can expect to see the full results within a few months from when you start your treatment.

Get great laser hair removal results at Skin Perfection London

When performed by a qualified expert using the very best, medical-grade technology such as the Cynosure range, laser hair removal is effective at removing hair permanently for around 80 to 90 percent of our patients here at Skin perfection London. This means that in most cases, the treated area should not grow hair again. Some of our patients with stubborn hair follicles may require top up treatments, however, and these are usually recommended for once or twice a year.

To book a consultation and patch test with one of our laser hair removal practitioners, contact our team today and start your journey with us.

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