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When you think of dermal skin peels, you might think of days of downtime, flaking, redness and soreness on the skin. Not every dermal peel requires an intense treatment such as this and if you are looking for smoother, calmer and silkier skin but would prefer not to experience redness or flaking, we can offer light dermal peels as a quick or ‘lunch time’ treatment, here at Skin Perfection London.

A skin peel (dermal peel) contains various acids which, when applied in various strengths, can improve a wide-range of skin conditions such as acne and acne scarring, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and dehydration. Depending on your individual concern, tolerance of downtime and budget, we can tailor-make a bespoke course of dermal peels for significant improvements to your complexion.

What makes a dermal peel?

Our dermal peels only contain naturally derived ingredients including:

  • sugar cane (aesthetically known as Glycolic to help open pores, blackheads and ageing skin)
  • salicylic acid (a natural form of aspirin, to help control breakouts, excess oil and is a natural anti-inflammatory to calm redness)
  • malic acid, which is derived from apples
  • pumpkin and mango pulp
  • lactic acid, derived from milk

Getting a light dermal peel

Our light dermal peels are perfect for skins that are sensitive, such as inflamed acne and rosacea and for those who would prefer a lighter treatment with little or no downtime.

Before the treatment, your skin will be gently cleansed by your practitioner. After which, the selected peel will be applied to your skin and left for a measured amount of time so that the ingredients can be effective but without irritating the skin. You may feel a mild tingling sensation but this is quite normal.

We also offer a cooling device here at Skin Perfection for a totally comfortable treatment. When your practitioner has monitored the effects of the peel on your skin and feels that your skin is ready, it will be neutralized if required and removed. Soothing and calming post-treatment skincare will then be applied to your skin so that it can recover.

After your peel

After a mild peel, you may experience a little tingling or pinkness to the skin but this will not prevent you from continuing with your daily activities immediately after your treatment. You will be able to use a mineral makeup and medical-grade skincare to disguise any pinkness further improve your results.

Light skin peels in London for sensitive skin

With light peels, a course of around 6 sessions may be required, depending on your individual requirements. However, many patients experience superb results following just one treatment.

For more information on light skin peels and to book a no obligation consultation, contact us today

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