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Laser Hair Removal Skincare Between Sessions

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective treatments to permanently reduce unwanted and excess hair growth on the face and body. Suitable for both men and women and a fast and convenient treatment, at Skin Perfection in Central London, we treat thousands of people for laser hair removal with outstanding results.

As laser hair removal offers permanent results for excess hair, a course of treatment is required to obtain optimum results and some side-effects can be experienced in the time between sessions. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a healthy and effective skincare routine between treatments, so that your skin recovers, heals and looks amazing.

Laser Hair Removal Skincare – looking after yourself during treatment

Pinkness, redness or itching – A perfectly normal side-effect of laser hair removal which may persist for around 24 hours after treatment and can feel like a razor burn. A cool compress and after-procedure moisture balms or gels such as Aloe Vera will help to calm and soothe the skin.

Shedding – Around one to three weeks after your initial treatment, some shedding will be experienced as well as less hair growth and maintenance. The shedding process can look like stubble or blackheads.

Exfoliating three times per week with an exfoliating scrub or washcloth will allow the shedding to continue without dead skin cells, dirt or debris being present on the skin. Make sure you exfoliate gently so as not to irritate the skin.

Regrowth – Every laser hair removal treatment you have will result in less and less hair regrowth. However, during this process, only the hair follicles that are in a growth pages will be disabled. The ‘resting’ hair follicles will start to wake up over the course of a few weeks and will therefore still produce hair.

Do not tweeze, pluck or wax new hair growth as at your next appointment, this will be the hair that is targeted with laser hair removal. Therefore, this hair will need to remain in the hair shafts for them to be effectively removed with the treatment. Shaving or depilating the hair however, is perfectly fine but not within 2 days of your next laser hair removal session.

Tanning – This should be avoided during a course of laser hair removal, as you need to keep your skin as light as possible, so that the hair follicles are targeted and you do not experience laser burn.

Using a sunscreen of SPF30 or higher and avoiding excessive sun exposure for two weeks prior and after treatment will ensure that your skin remains it’s natural colour and the laser targets the melanin in your hair follicle and not your skin.

Laser Hair Removal in London with Skin Perfection

After your first consultation and treatment, laser hair removal skincare guidance will be explained to you in simple, easy to follow terms.

Laser hair removal is a highly-effective treatment and if you follow your practitioner’s after care advice and take good care of your skin in-between sessions, you can expect smoother, silkier, hair-free skin, long-term.

We treat men and women daily in our purpose-built laser clinic, which is just round the corner from London’s famous Harley Street.

Need more tempting? We run regular offers on laser hair removal too, making it even more cost-effective!

For more information on taking care of your skin between your laser hair removal sessions, speak with one of our friendly team here at Skin Perfection today.

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