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The Rise of Cosmetic Treatments for Men

For centuries, women have been preening, primping, waxing, nipping and tucking their way to a more youthful and refreshed look. In the not too distant past, it was never really seen as the ‘done thing’ for men to be as concerned with their looks and they were very much encouraged to ‘grow old gracefully’ and age like a ‘fine vintage wine’.

Times have changed dramatically and it’s now seen as more acceptable for men to take an interest in their personal appearance and not just for gay men or 20 something ‘metrosexuals’ to get in shape and to improve their facial appearance.

It’s now far more accepted for the average, heterosexual, middle-aged man to seek to improve his looks and not just with a bar of soap and a razor. More middle-aged men are looking to non-surgical procedures due to the desire to look better for their jobs, a change in personal circumstances, such as divorce or a new relationship, or simply a desire to improve their confidence and wellbeing.

In a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the average age of men who were undergoing cosmetic procedures was 45 years.

Results further broken down showed that men of ages 30-40 received non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as injectable wrinkle-smoothing injections, Dermal fillers and non-surgical fat reduction. The older age group (ages 50-70) were undergoing face lifts, eyelid surgery and non-surgical body contouring, along with facial and skin rejuvenation.

At Skin Perfection, London, we know that around 10 percent of those in the UK who are undergoing cosmetic treatment are now men and we welcome all our clients in the same friendly and discreet manner to make you feel comfortable and at home in our London clinic. We use the latest technologies, putting our treatments for men at the cutting edge and getting superb results.

Cosmetic Treatments for men – Our clients’ choices

Non-surgical injectable treatments are high on the list for our male clientele. An injectable treatment can take as little as 1 hour (including consultation, treatment and aftercare advice) and offers very little downtime. A hugely popular treatment to temporarily erase wrinkles is that of wrinkle-smoothing (Botox™) injections, aptly dubbed “Brotox”; to increase volume in areas of the face that are showing the effects of the natural ageing process, temporary injectable dermal fillers are becoming a firm favourite.

Our fully-qualified and medically-trained practitioners are highly-experienced in non-surgical injectable treatments and will provide a no obligation consultation prior to treatment, so you are aware of the key facts about the procedure as well as how to take care of yourself afterwards.

Our bespoke skincare solutions are also proving as popular with our male clients as our females. And, of course, laser hair removal is perfect for men who are on the hairier side and may feel uncomfortable with it.

As the number of men seeking non-surgical treatments to remain healthy and youthful looking increases, we aim to be able to offer a range of tailor-made treatment plans to suit every gentleman who walks through our doors, here at Skin Perfection, London.

For more information on non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments for men, speak with one of the team to arrange a no-obligation consultation.

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