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Laser hair removal in winter

Laser hair removal is the most effective way to permanently reduce unwanted hairs on the face and the body. At Skin Perfection, London, we are experts on the subject and get asked all the time, whether laser hair removal is best as a winter time treatment. Basically, to know more about why winter may be the perfect time for a course of laser hair removal, it’s important to understand how the treatment works.

Laser hair removal works using a machine which emits a concentrated beam of specially selected light which is aimed at the hair follicle. This light creates heat energy which is absorbed by the melanin sack next to the hair follicle, heating it and damaging it to retard future growth. Laser hair removal works best on hair that is darker than the skin tone, as darker hair has more melanin. If you have been in the sun, your skin may need up to 2 weeks to return to its natural colour before having a laser hair removal treatment. Therefore, wintertime is a perfect time for consistent treatment sessions spread equally apart.

You may then ask yourself “if I have dark skin, can I have laser hair removal?”. In many cases with traditional laser technology, the answer to this question would be “no”, as many devices are incapable of altering their settings so as not to burn darker skin types. At Skin Perfection, we use the Cynosure range of lasers. Cynosure are globally recognised, medical-grade lasers with multi-wavelength technology, which means the treatment is indeed safer and more comfortable for darker skin tones.

Laser hair removal is a treatment that you can have all-year-round. However, if you are a sun lover and take regular summer holidays, you may find that your treatment sessions may be delayed due to the waiting time for your tanned skin to return to its natural shade. As laser hair removal offers optimum results in a course of treatment, which can take anything up to 12 weeks, you may also wish to undergo the treatment in wintertime, so that come spring, you’ll be able to reveal smoother, sexier-looking skin for the warmer climes and skimpier clothing.

For more information on wintertime laser hair removal treatments, contact our team of specialists who will be able to explain more about this long-term solution for unwanted and excess hair.

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