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Asian skin and laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective, long-term solutions for unwanted or excess hair. However, older technologies have meant that this treatment was not necessarily suitable for Asian skins, due to the single wavelength of laser light. Risk of skin burning was high as melanin in the skin would be targeted as opposed to the hair follicle, making this a very risky procedure for darker complexions.

At Skin Perfection in the heart of the West End, we use only lasers from Cynosure with gold standard technology and multi-wavelength applications, targeting the hair and not the skin, great news for those with Asian skins.

Cynosure are a global, award-winning medical and aesthetic device company and their laser devices are medical-grade, to ensure the most effective and safe treatments for darker skins. We have recently upgraded our laser devices to the ‘gold standard’ Cynosure Elite+ and Apogee+ class 4 laser systems. These systems are backed and strongly supported by clinical research.

Does laser hair removal work on Asian skin?

Laser hair removal with a Cynosure device targets the melanin (pigment) in the hair and destroys the hair cells that are responsible for hair growth without damaging or heating the surrounding skin. Laser hair removal is not so effective on lighter, finer hairs and the darker and thicker the hair, the better the results.

This is excellent news for those of Asian or Afro-Caribbean descent as hair is usually darker and courser in these skin types. With the new and innovative technology from Cynosure, the laser light does not target the melanin in the skin (previously an issue with older technologies) but targets the hair instead.

Excess or unwanted hair can cause emotional upset and embarrassment for some. For women who suffer from conditions such as hirsutism (where excess hair appears on the face), laser hair removal can restore confidence and can offer permanent hair reduction on the face and indeed, the body. The treatment is suitable for both men and women.

The best laser practitioners…

At Skin Perfection, all our practitioners are fully-trained and highly-skilled to ascertain your skin type and concerns in a no-obligation consultation. It’s is a necessary part of your patient journey with us and we would never begin treatment without first conducting an examination and consultation to check your medical history and discuss your expected results. Afterwards, you can be confident and relaxed in the knowledge that the treatment plan we create for you will yield the results you seek in a safe and professional environment.

Laser hair removal for Asian Skin

Laser hair removal technology now gives those with dark to very dark skins, the opportunity to permanently reduce their unwanted and excess hair and here at Skin Perfection, we are passionate about offering highly-effective, comfortable and proven hair removal therapy that can offer a permanent solution to unwanted or excess hair.

For more information on our Cynosure laser treatments, contact the team for a no-obligation consultation with one of our laser experts.

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