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Cosmetic treatments with instantly visible results

We live in a fast world. Busy lives, super-innovative technology and great expectations mean that in everything we do we want results and we want them now. In the world of cosmetic treatments, the desire for instant results that last is on the rise and the industry must move fast to keep up with these demands. At Skin Perfection, in the heart of London’s busy shopping quarter, we offer our skin-savvy clients, proven cosmetic treatments that offer instantly visible results, so that we can keep up with the demand for superior skin rejuvenation, in record time.

Dermaplaning is one of the newest and most talked-about treatments that is sweeping the nation and becoming firm favourites with celebrities who want revitalised, smooth and ‘camera- ready’ skin in as little as 30 minutes. The skin is held taught and a medical-grade scalpel is held at a 45-degree angle whilst the practitioner literally shaves away 2 to 3 weeks’ worth of dead skin cells, dirt, fake tan and other debris. This treatment can be followed by a glycolic peel to reveal even more of a glow. Dermaplaning can offer results in as little as one treatment, though a course is highly-recommended for optimum skin rejuvenation.

Dermal peels – these involve the application of natural, active acids to the skin. They penetrate the top, dead and damaged layers of the skin to help reduce or completely remove the appearance of a variety of skin conditions. Even sensitive skin conditions such as acne, ingrown hairs, redness, rosacea, scarring and sun-damaged can be treated with our range of skin peels. Depending on the amount of post-treatment downtime you are willing to accept, our peels come in a range of strengths, therefore, if you prefer little or no downtime we can offer a more-gentle peel. Results can be seen in as little as one treatment. Therefore, skin peels are an ideal treatment to have on your lunch break or before a special occasion, to reveal a smoother, more youthful and glowing complexion.

Milia removal – milia are tiny white lumps under the skin which are the build-up of excess keratin within the hair follicle. Milia tend to appear underneath the eyes and can remain within the skin for many years. At Skin Perfection London, we offer a simple, quick and painless technique to remove unwanted milia using a tiny needle to extract the lesion. The treatment can take as little as 10 minutes and will permanently remove the lesion.

Medical Microdermabrasion – this is a safe, non-surgical dermal resurfacing and exfoliating procedure which is suitable for all skin types. Medical microdermabrasion can treat a variety of skin conditions such as the following:

• fine lines and wrinkles
• blackheads and white heads
• acne scars
• underlying skin congestion
• sun damage, pigmentation and superficial age spots
• oily skin and dry or patchy skin.

Medical microdermabrasion harnesses the cleansing power of aluminium oxide crystals which are swept across the skin using a special device. This is a superb stand-alone treatment but can also be combined with a range of skin treatments for optimum skin resurfacing and rejuvenation. There is no downtime with the treatment and offers instant results. Following a treatment with medical microdermabrasion expect to see a smoother, more glowing skin appearance, tighter pores and more even skin tone. You will however, experience more significant results on completing a full course of treatment.

Dermal fillers – these injectable substances offer one of the most effective treatments for volume loss and static wrinkles in the face. Dermal fillers are injectable substances which act to plump out lines and furrows and increase volume in the cheeks and temples and to improve sagging eye bags and dark circles.

Dermal fillers can treat the following:

● Nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds)
● Loss of volume in the cheeks and lower face
● Loss of volume and lines and wrinkles in the lip area
● Hollow temples
● Nose (Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty)
● Under eye circles and bags (Tear Trough Treatment)
● Loss of volume in the hands

You may be advised to have a topical anaesthetic up to 45 minutes prior to treatment with Dermal Fillers, to reduce any discomfort. Results can be seen immediately with dermal fillers but do expect some swelling, slight bruising and tenderness following this treatment.

Injectable skin boosters – these are now extremely popular for those who would like to illuminate their skin, increase hydration and improve the skin from ‘within’. As we age, our levels of hyaluronic acid deplete. HA is responsible for youthful and hydrated skin. Therefore, replacing this HA with an injectable skin booster can significantly improve the tone, texture and hydration of the skin. The treatment involves a series of microinjections of HA under the surface of the skin, improving hydration levels and nourishing the skin. Results can be seen very quickly and even after one session you should see an improvement. However, 2 treatments spaced a month apart are usually best for optimum results.

With a myriad of treatments to choose from offering fast results, we advise that you attend a no obligation consultation so we can assess your skin condition and advise you of the most appropriate and suitable treatment for you. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and book a meeting with one of our skin experts here at Skin Perfection.

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