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The latest Laser Hair Removal technology

The latest Laser Hair Removal technology

Excess and unwanted hair is extremely common. Most of us will experience this at some time or another. It can be a real nuisance and sometimes embarrassing, especially if you are a woman who experiences hirsutism or you have particularly course or dark hair. Laser hair removal technology has come on in leaps and bounds since the 1960’s, and more and more people are relying on it for smooth, hair-free skin.

Gold-standard machines

Laser hair removal is a fast, effective and safe way to remove unwanted hair for men and women. At Skin Perfection in the heart of the west end of London, we offer only medical-grade laser treatments using the award-winning Cynosure brand of laser devices. This ensures treatment is long-lasting and can be performed on lighter and darker skin types, due to the multi-wavelength technology that these lasers offer.

Our laser devices can treat every part of the body including areas such as the bikini line and even the face. It’s a faster procedure compared to some other laser machines as developments in laser technology moves on and innovative pain-minimizing applications are created.

This treatment has advanced cooling technology and our practitioners are highly-trained to offer gold-standard application techniques to give you a more comfortable, long-lasting hair laser removal experience.

Better results

Officially, no one can state that laser hair removal treatments permanently remove unwanted or excess hair. However, after each laser hair removal treatment you will have a hair free period and with further sessions this period will last longer and longer.

Once the treatment is complete (usually within 6 to 8 sessions on average), you can experience a permanent reduction of unwanted hair, with only once yearly top ups needed to maintain these results.

Faster treatments

Treatment times with laser hair removal vary, but the latest laser hair removal technology means it is faster than ever.

Smaller areas such as the underarms and the face can take around 5 to 15 minutes, medium areas such as bikini and half legs, the treatment will take around 30 minutes.

Larger areas like the legs and back can take up to 1.5 hours. In a no obligation consultation with one of our practitioners here at Skin Perfection, we will discuss your requirements, the treatment plan and expected results.

Little- to no pain

With ever-emerging laser technology comes the advantage of a more comfortable treatment. There is very little discomfort or downtime following a laser hair removal treatment with Cynosure and you can return to your daily routine after each session. There may be some warmth or redness in the treated areas. However, this is quite normal and these symptoms will disappear after a few hours.

Laser Hair Removal in London

At Skin Perfection, London, we have taken the pain out of hair removal. No more waxing, epilating or shaving will be needed after a course of laser hair removal, letting you live your life without worrying about excess or unwanted hair and with smoother, sexier and more beautiful skin, all-year-round.

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