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Rosacea and rosacea triggers

Rosacea is an inflammatory chronic skin condition that can affect both men and women. As a rule, rosacea usually begins at around the age of 30 and happens when certain blood vessels, usually in the facial area enlarge. Rosacea appears as facial redness and can also produce small, red, pustules (bumps) in extreme cases. Rosacea is often mistaken for acne or eczema and can worsen over time if not treated.

Rosacea is a relapsing condition, which means there will be periods when the symptoms can be particularly bad and then followed by periods when there are very little or no symptoms. These symptoms can appear most prominently on the forehead, cheeks and the nose.

Triggers for rosacea

In most cases, rosacea responds to certain triggers and these can vary from person to person. Triggers can range from stress and alcohol (especially red wine), to the weather and certain foods – spicy foods can cause a reaction. Knowing what your own triggers are will be the first step to managing your condition and avoiding flare-ups.

We suggest keeping a photo diary of your redness; figuring out your triggers based on how your skin looks and feels, and what happened in your day, can begin to reduce the occurrence and severity of your rosacea.

Treating rosacea

At Skin Perfection in the heart of the west end of London, we offer a wide range of treatments to significantly calm and manage the symptoms of Rosacea. Our skin specialists will discuss treatment options with you and put together a treatment plan, containing one or more of our effective rosacea treatments.

Laser photo-facial skin rejuvenation improves skin tone and texture with minimal downtime and is perfect for delicate, irritated skins.

LED light therapy can be carried out as part of a four-stage process, or as a booster to other procedures to treat (with no downtime). It addresses inflammation and irritation.

Skin peels or resurfacers help to improve skin texture, are suitable for a range of conditions including rosacea and redness, and are available in different strengths and with different downtimes to suit your skin condition.

Epionce skincare – Formulated with natural botanical ingredients, this global brand of skincare is a superb product range to continue your rosacea treatment on a daily basis, from home.

Our London clinic

Before any treatment can commence here at Skin Perfection, we ask that you attend a no-obligation consultation with one of our skin experts. This is our opportunity to discuss your individual concerns, potential treatment plans and expected results. Our consultation process ensures you are well-prepared for your rosacea treatment journey.

For more information and advice on rosacea, contact our friendly team today and arrange a visit to Skin Perfection London.

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