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Ask the expert – Is laser hair removal worth it?

If you have ever had to go through the annoyance of regular shaving or the agony of painful waxing or epilation, you’re probably one of the many thousands of people in the UK who look for alternatives to these methods to get rid of unwanted and excess hair. Being an expert in light-based cosmetic treatments and in seeing many lives being changed by this method, I get asked all the time if laser hair removal is really, worth the time and money and my answer to this is usually always a resounding “yes”.

I make sure my patients are suitable first

However, a successful treatment with laser light for the permanent reduction of hair growth obviously relies on a few factors, which we go through with all our patients here at Skin Perfection, so that both we and they can make an informed choice on whether laser hair removal is the right path to take for that individual. Ensuring the patient is fit and healthy for treatment is first on the list and we always conduct a no obligation consultation with our patients to check their medical history and that they have no contra-indications that might affect the treatment.

Secondly, we check their individual condition. If the hair they are seeking to remove is very light or white, the laser light won’t be affective. This is because laser light energy targets the melanin (pigment) within the hair and very light hair simply does not contain enough melanin for the laser to pick up on.

Thirdly, we always try to manage expectations for results and are realistic in what we set out to achieve. However, in most cases, patients can expect up to a 90% reduction in hair growth after a typical course of sessions and this can last up to 12 months, with top up treatments being required every 6 months to maintain these results.

Why we recommend laser hair removal

So, what is there not to love about laser hair removal? Well, many might argue that a course of treatment can be expensive, costing up to £2000, depending on the area treated and the number of areas required. This might sound hefty compared to a BIC razor. However, when you put things in perspective and consider that the average woman will spend over £12K in her lifetime on hair removal products and treatments, it’s a small price to pay for permanent results!

There’s also another argument – that laser hair removal can hurt. At Skin Perfection, we only use approved, medical-grade and highly-effective machinery, using multi-wavelength technology, which reduces the ‘ouch’ factor, alongside skin cooling technology to take the ‘heat’ out of the treatment.

Laser hair removal should not be painful and if it is, it’s more than likely that the machine is on the wrong setting for your skin type or your practitioner isn’t using the device properly.

We negate any risk of laser burn here at Skin Perfection by using Gold Standard devices and offering our team of practitioners the very best in training and education for the use of these devices. So, you can be sure of a safe, comfortable and effective treatment with us.

Expert laser hair removal in London at Skin Perfection

According to RealSelf, a platform for those who wish to discuss and ask questions on a variety of cosmetic and beauty treatments, around 94% of customers agree that laser hair removal is worth it, so if you’re unsure of my response to the question, you can see that the majority of those people who have had laser hair removal think that in the long-run, it’s well worth it.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation, and find out why I think laser hair removal is worth it!


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