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Ask the Expert – Does shaving make my hair grow back thicker or darker?

As an expert on light based systems for the removal of unwanted or excess hair, I am always being asked if shaving the hair makes it hair grow back thicker and courser. The simple answer I give is “no” as indeed, shaving doesn’t change the thickness, colour or rate of hair growth. However, there are factors of shaving that can indeed, make the hair look as if it is indeed, thicker than before.

Shaving over time

As most of us know, shaving can be a tiresome task for the removal of unwanted or excess hair. Those who experience hair growth at a faster rate, may even need to shave every day to keep their skin smooth. When the hair does start to grow back, that tell-tale ‘stubble’ can peep through, looking and feeling rather unattractive. This is because when you shave, you’re cutting the hair at a blunt angle, giving the impression that the hairs look thicker when they grow back.

If left untouched, hairs become worn and can bleach in sunlight. The hair that comes through after shaving is actually, your natural hair thickness and colour and the blunt tip only highlights the cross-section of the hair.

Shaving has its advantages. It’s fast, usually pain-free and can be done quickly and in the comfort of your own home. However, more and more it seems that shaving is falling out of favour as the ‘go-to’ method to remove the fuzz. After all, how about if you’re a woman looking to get rid of unwanted hair on the face? Shaving is not going to be your number one option.

Alternatives to shaving

There are many ways to ‘skin a cat’ so to speak and waxing, epilation and cream have historically been alternatives to the razor. However, these can be both painful and messy.

At Skin Perfection, we have been having great success with our laser hair removal systems and only use medical-grade, gold standard machinery to administer these treatments. If you’re considering laser hair removal it’s worth knowing that in a single treatment, up to 30% of the hair can be reduced and many of our patients experience a 90% reduction in hair growth in a course of treatments. Our laser hair devices are chosen to be suitable for all skin types, from very light to dark and our practitioners are all trained to the highest standards to ensure a safe, effective and enjoyable treatment.

Skin Perfection London: Laser Hair Removal Experts

We have been performing laser hair removal for many years with thousands of happy customers who can all now happily ditch their razors and only need to pop in to see us twice a year for a top up treatment to maintain results. Saving them time, effort and money (considering the average woman spends over £12K in her lifetime on hair removal products and treatments).

I can understand that a razor is considered by many as a simple, effective way to shave off unwanted hair and no, it won’t make your hair thicker or darker. However, with an effective alternative such as laser hair removal, readily available and highly-affordable, offering potentially permanent results, I don’t see the razor being anywhere near as popular in years to come.

To book a laser hair removal consultation with me and my team in central London, contact us today and ditch the razor for good.


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