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Do men have laser hair removal?

Hair removal has been going on for centuries, but it’s mostly been associated with women. In the past, men have traditionally been thought of as less than masculine if they waxed, plucked or shaved any hair apart from that on the face.

Times are changing and latest trends in celebrity ‘looks’ and more acceptance for men to take more care of their appearance, has meant a huge rise in the number of men wishing to keep the fuzz at bay.

Whether you believe it or not, men aren’t great when it comes to the pain of ripping hairs from their follicles and for some men, waxing and epilating can be unbearable.

Male laser hair removal London

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective solutions for permanent hair reduction and is available here at my clinic, Skin Perfection in London. We have selected the Cynosure™ Elite+ and Apogee + lasers for our Laser Hair Removal treatments as it this an award winning, world class, medical-grade technology.

As well as avoiding the ‘sting’ of hair removal, there are several reasons why men are now choosing laser hair removal as their preferred choice to ban those bristles!

  • Permanent results: Our multi-wavelength laser, when applied to the skin, heats the hair follicle and retards hair growth. The laser permanently limits each follicle’s ability to regrow the hair and the hair falls out, leaving the skin silky smooth. Perfect for gents who don’t want to spend hours in the bathroom, bending over and twisting round to remove that annoying fuzz on the back, buttocks and intimate areas.
  • Safer treatment: As our lasers offer multi-wavelength technology, the treatment is available for all skin types and offers less risk of over-heating the skin. The surrounding tissues are left unaffected, making it a totally safe procedure for light to dark skins.
  • Fast results: Results using our devices are achieved faster than some other laser technologies, due to the high-power, dual wavelength of Cynosure™ Elite and Apogee+ systems.
  • Minimal discomfort: Unlike painful waxing, epilation or electrolysis, laser hair removal offers minimal discomfort, due to the cooling technology and variable settings for all skin types. There is no downtime and you can return to your daily activities, immediately after your treatment.
  • Access all areas: Cynosure™ Elite+ and Apogee+ is safe for all areas of the face and body, so guys, your hair-free limits are endless!
  • Our expertise: Having laser hair removal at Skin Perfection, in the heart of the West End will guarantee that you are being treated by highly trained experts in their field. Prior to your treatment, you will be asked to attend a no obligation consultation, so we can discuss the treatment with you as well as your expected results.

Book a laser hair removal for men appointment

I see men coming through the doors of the clinic every day, and it’s nothing to be nervous about. Gents, get in touch with my team today and book a male laser hair removal consultation. See you soon!

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