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Laser hair removal patch tests

Laser hair removal is now considered the most effective way to permanently reduce unwanted, excess hair from the face and the body. It is a device-led technology which uses specific wavelengths of light to penetrate the hair follicle and heat the hair, damaging the hair and deterring further hair growth. Laser hair removal is suitable for men and women and here at Skin Perfection London, we use only medical-grade laser machines by the global brand Cynosure, the ‘gold standard’ of laser devices, so we can treat both light and darker skins.

Laser hair removal is suitable for most people, however, like many in-clinic treatments, it’s important to obtain the very best advice along with a patch test to ensure that your treatment is personally tailored to your specific skin type and requirements. At Skin Perfection, we offer a no obligation consultation and patch test free of charge, as standard.

A laser hair removal patch test enables us to:

  • make sure you are suitable for treatment
  • carry out an inspection of the area for treatment
  • discuss your procedure with you in detail, so you have all the advice that you require so you can make an informed decision about the treatment
  • ensure we have the most suitable setting on the laser for your skin type
  • ensure that you do not have an adverse reaction to the treatment
  • offer you advice and recommendation for aftercare and at-home use skincare

Preparation of the skin for a consultation and patch test is important and you will need some hairs to be visible within the area of treatment so that your laser expert can complete the assessment and patch test. You will only need to trim or shave the area of hair in the area that is to be treated with laser hair removal.

A patch test should be undertaken around a week to 14 days prior to your treatment and the area should not be exposed to the sun following the patch test, as our settings will have been set to the colour of your skin at the time of your patch test. If you go on holiday or know you will be exposing the skin following a patch test, a further patch test will have to be conducted upon your return, so it’s best to manage timings from patch test to treatment, accordingly.

Laser hair removal in Central London at Skin Perfection

For more information on patch testing prior to laser hair removal, speak with one of our expert practitioners here at Skin Perfection, London.

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