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I look tired – What can I do? Ask the Expert

Looking tired is something we can all suffer at one stage or another in life – myself included! Lack of sleep and periods of stress or illness can make us look less fresh and awake than we might like. When looking tired, however, becomes the norm, even when we are fit, well and getting enough sleep, it might mean that we are beginning to show the signs of facial ageing.

One of the most obvious areas where we can have a tired appearance is that of around the eyes. As the skin loses elasticity through the degradation of substances such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid and with the addition of bone and tissue loss around this area, the skin can sag, wrinkle and become lax in its structure; causing the upper eyelids to droop, the lower lids to sag and under eye bags to form. Lifting and tightening the skin around the eyes can offer a significant improvement in our appearance and restore a wide-awake and alert appearance once more.

I see patients coming to me complaining of tired-looking eyes more often, and I am glad that my team can offer a range of treatments to address them: both our expert aestheticians and our cosmetic doctor.

Anti-wrinkle injections for tired eyes

The skin around the eye area is extremely thin and delicate and as it also contains many vital blood vessels, nerves and muscles to support the eye socket, we must be very careful about how to treat it. One of the most popular treatments to lift the eyebrows and to smooth dynamic lines and wrinkles around the eyes is that of wrinkle-relaxing injections (Botox).

Wrinkle-relaxing injections have been used globally for decades, to temporarily relax the muscles that cause expression lines and to smooth out those dynamic wrinkles that can make us look older than our years. Using injections of tiny doses of a substance called Botulinum Toxin Type A to gently relax facial muscles, lines and wrinkles are smoothed and when injected in to the forehead and upper eyebrow area, a temporary ‘brow lift’ can be achieved, thus helping the upper eyelids to raise and give the eyes a more ‘open’ look.

Dermal fillers for tired eyes

Dermal fillers can provide a fantastic solution to restore volume and fill fine lines around the eye area. Injecting a dermal filler into the tear trough (under eye) area can significantly improve the appearance of dark circles and eye bags.

Dermal fillers are mainly comprised of a substance called hyaluronic acid, which is a natural hydrator for the skin, holding up to 1000 times its weight in water. As hyaluronic acid is lost as we age, replenishing stores of the substance within the skin will lead to more toned, hydrated and plumper skin.

Dermal fillers can last anything from 3 to 12 months and can instantly fill hollows and static wrinkles and furrows, giving you a refreshed appearance immediately, as well as improving skin quality in the weeks that follow.

Microneedling for tired eyes

Medical-grade microneedling is a highly-effective skin rejuvenation treatment which encourages the production of collagen and elastin within the skin through the encouragement of a ‘healing response’ to skin trauma.

Using tiny pins to prick the skin, microneedling creates channels into the skin where topical ingredients can be applied and are absorbed into these channels. As the body recognises this treatment as ‘damage’ to the surface, collagen and elastin are produced to heal the skin, making the skin more resilient, tighter and much more toned.

Microneedling can significantly improve skin laxity, and as we use several devices for this treatment, we can choose one that is gentle enough for the eye area. Over a course of treatment, expect to see a more youthful skin quality and faded lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

I have ensured we have a range of microneedling devices at our clinic, to suit as many applications as possible. Everyone is different, and we endeavour to make our treatment packages as unique as you are.

Tired eyes treatments in London

Looking tired doesn’t have to be something you put up with for good. At Skin Perfection, our skin experts will be able to assess your individual skin concerns in a no-obligation consultation and arrange a bespoke treatment plan to include one or a combination of treatments, to combat your tired eyes and give you a more wide-awake look and youthful, glowing complexion.

Contact the clinic today to book an appointment with my team.

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