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Prepping your face for a skin treatment

At Skin Perfection in the heart of the busy London’s West End, we offer a wide-range of highly-effective, non-invasive cosmetic skin treatments for a myriad of skin concerns. Our treatments are researched, tested and proven for their efficacy and safety. However, with some of our skin treatments, there may be a little prep that you need to do before having one of them. Here is some advice on how to prepare your skin before a cosmetic treatment at Skin Perfection:

Consider your intake

Prepping your skin for an aesthetic treatment isn’t just limited to outside measures, especially when it comes to injectable treatments that can carry a risk of bruising. It’s important to avoid certain food, drinks and supplements for 24 hours to a few days before and after your injectable treatment. Fish oils and red wine act as blood thinners so can increase the chance of bruising and can also slow the healing process. Alcohol, in general, has been shown to thin the blood, with red wine causing big issues when it comes to coagulation.

It’s advisable, therefore, not to consume any alcohol a couple of days before injectable or more invasive or ablative skin treatments. There are fewer issues with food when it comes to electric facials and peels, but it’s worth checking with your practitioner about your diet, any supplements or medicines that you are taking so you know if you will need to avoid anything, before your chosen treatment.

Preparation makes perfect!

Many cosmetic, non-surgical treatment will require a few small changes in your regular skincare routine. Using a preparation skin care product a few days before or indeed avoiding the use of some retinol skin treatments may be necessary.

It might also be worth asking your practitioner if there might be any downtime following your treatment so you can arrange to take any time off work that is required, well in advance of the procedure. At Skin Perfection, we will always ask you to attend a no-obligation consultation before your chosen treatment, so you can make the necessary arrangements.

Minimise discomfort

Some treatments, such as lasers, injectables or microneedling therapies, can cause some minor discomfort. Taking a mild pain killer which isn’t going to thin the blood, such as paracetamol (not Ibuprofen) can go some way to offering pain relief.

When extra help is required such as numbing cream for injectable fillers or cooling technology for laser treatments, we will ensure that you receive the best level of pain management so that we maximise your comfort at-all-times.

Simplify your skin care

Sometimes, the at-home-use skincare products that offer the best results can contain harsh ingredients that can cause skin irritation when used prior to a skin treatment in-clinic. So, set your high-strength retinoid creams, vitamin formulations and HA (Hydroxy-acids) 3 days prior to your treatment.

Retinoid products and HAs are great for skin revitalisation and rejuvenation ordinarily, but can make your skin red and sensitive if used in conjunction with a peel or laser treatment. We offer a range of peels for normal to sensitive skins.

When selecting the peel that is right for you, we will ask you a range of questions to determine the resilience and sensitivity of your skin, so we ensure we are using the right peel for your skin type.

In a no obligation consultation prior to your skin treatment, we will be able to offer you the best advice on how to prep your skin (inside and out) for the procedure to ensure your skin’s comfort and the most beautiful results after your treatment. Ask us for more information or to book your consultation.

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