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Ask the expert – Why do we get skin tags?

Skin tags are very common, harmless to health and offer no ill side-effects other than their appearance. They are small, soft, skin-coloured growths which hang off the skin and can look a little like warts. Skin tags can range in colour, from very light to dark brown or black and can also vary in size, from a few millimetres up to around 5cm (2 inches) wide.

Skin tags consist of loose collagen fibres and blood vessels, which are surrounded by skin and unlike moles are not usually attached to a ‘root’. Skin tags do not hold the risk of becoming cancerous and are considered safe, if not by some, a little unattractive.

Skin tags are usually found in areas where friction is common, such as around the groin, neck, inner arms, under the breasts or the armpits. They can also grow on the eyelids or under the folds of the buttocks.

Why do we get skin tags?

Anyone can develop skin tags. However, they tend to occur more in older people, those who are obese or those who have type-2 diabetes. They can also develop in pregnant women because of the hormonal changes they go through. Some people can develop skin tags for no reason at all and for many, are merely a nuisance.

Skin tags are rarely painful or uncomfortable, but if they do appear in areas of friction, can rub against clothing, snag on jewellery, can be grazed against a rough surface, sometimes causing bleeding and soreness.

Treating skin tags

I get a lot of people asking me to remove their skin tags as they are generally seen by the NHS as untreatable, since they are not harmful and removal of them is more for cosmetic reasons than for any health reasons; except for those that appear on the eyelid and block a person’s vision. If excessive skin tags are affecting a person’s emotional health, removal of them may sometimes be considered by the NHS.

Fortunately, here at Skin Perfection, London, we offer an extremely quick and effective treatment to permanently remove unwanted and unsightly skin tags, safely, from the face and the body. This method uses a device called the CryoPen™ which is an advanced cryotherapy device that literally freezes the unwanted skin lesion away!

CryoPen for skin tags

During the treatment, the device emits a fine jet of nitrous oxide under high pressure, which allows us to work with millimetre precision. The CryoPen™ destroys the unwanted tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid and forming ice shards and crystals which rupture the membrane and destroys the cell. Any healthy tissue is remained unharmed as the procedure is so accurate and precise. A treatment takes between 5 and 10 minutes and the skin tag will naturally fall away, leaving you with no stitches, open wound or bleeding.

We are delighted with the results we are achieving here at Skin Perfection with this device and unwanted skin tags are no longer an issue for our patients. For more information and advice on the removal of skin tags, we recommend that you attend a no obligation consultation so we can examine the skin tags and create a tailor-made treatment plan for you.

Ensuring a skin tag is not a mole or more sinister lesion is vital before undergoing any skin tag removal treatment with the CryoPen™ and our practitioners will be able to advise you on whether a skin lesion needs to be examined first by your GP for us to proceed.

If we and your GP are happy that your skin tags are safe to be removed by the CryoPen™, we will have the lesion frozen away in no time, so you can enjoy smoother, clearer skin for good!

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