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The best skin maintenance after skin treatments

Any in-clinic treatment here at Skin Perfection is only the first step on a journey to maintaining a more beautiful and healthy complexion and many of our procedures require your efforts afterwards to carry on our good work afterwards. This might be a course of LED light therapy to calm the skin and quicken healing time or using specially selected cosmeceutical skincare products with clinically-proven ingredients.

We have been experts in the beautification of the skin for many years and our award-winning clinic in the heart of London is a hub for the most innovative, effective and safe non-surgical treatments to improve a wide-range of skin concerns; from lines, wrinkles and skin ageing to oily skin, as well as mild to moderate skin conditions such as rosacea and acne.

Our clinic treatments include light-based therapies such as laser skin rejuvenation and LED light procedures, injectables such as wrinkle-smoothing injections and dermal fillers, microdermabrasion and microneedling as well as mild to mid-strength peels and resurfacers.

Many of these treatments require follow-on treatment combinations, maintenance and your care at home and this is something we will ensure that you understand, in a no-obligation consultation, prior to any procedure being undertaken.

Skin treatments – Your Consultation

The consultation is an important part of your journey with us, as it helps us to understand what you feel are your main skin concerns. In many cases, it doesn’t matter what we think; what you see when you look in the mirror is the key to how we can help you and a consultation with myself or one of our skin experts will really pin point how we can assist you to achieve your goals and take care of your skin in the long-term.

Selecting the right skin treatments

Choosing the right treatment for your concerns is next on the list and this is where we come in. We understand how to plan a bespoke treatment programme and aftercare system so that you spend your money wisely and more importantly, achieve the beautiful results that we are famous for.

Aftercare at this point, will be explained, as this is all part of the process and we need to know how much commitment you can dedicate by means of time, budget and effort, after you leave each clinic session. If you are time-poor, offering a treatment that requires significant downtime and aftercare might not be right for you and you may prefer a course of less-ablative, gentler procedures, spanning a longer term.

Similarly, if you are ready for a big change for your skin appearance, want fast results and can spare the time to undergo more significant recovery, we can look at treatments that are faster in their results but are more aggressive to the skin in the first few days.

The best aftercare

Ensuring you are well equipped for your skin recovery is important and this may mean swapping your usual skincare routine for something that is more effective.

We only stock clinically-proven and highly-effective skincare here at Skin Perfection, so we can recommend suitable products that will offer you further improvements of your results at home. Many shop-bought products don’t contain the high-strength ingredients needed for real results and can contain ‘nasties’ such as harsh chemicals and perfumes that can, in-fact hinder results and cause skin irritation after treatments such as laser or skin peels and resurfacers.

If you’re investing in a course of clinic-based treatments, why then undo all the hard work by using a sub-standard skin care brand?

Your skin is going to represent you for a long time, so it’s important to consider your journey with us as a marathon and not a sprint. Ensuring you maintain your results effectively and easily is our job as well as your investment in yourself. You’ll reap the rewards and with our help, will be able to enjoy smoother, clearer, more beautiful skin for many years to come.

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