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Why am I seeing more men for laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is now one of the most popular and effective ways to permanently reduce unwanted or excess hair on the face and the body. Thousands of women each year invest in laser hair removal, as it is clinically-proven, virtually pain-free and offers no significant downtime or side-effects. However, at Skin Perfection London we are seeing more and more men enquiring about this treatment and experiencing laser hair removal for themselves.

Trends are changing and men are preferring to have a smoother look when it comes to body hair, especially with programmes such as Love Island are in full swing, back on our screens. A smooth chest and back as well as groomed intimate areas is becoming more and more popular for guys, especially around holiday season.

Research has found that 46 per cent of British men remove hair from their bodies. It appears that most regions of a man’s body are candidates for treatment, as it was found that 57 per cent of young males aged 16-24 say they have shaved, waxed and lasered their way to smoother intimate areas.

The rise in popularity of the crafted beard with sharp lines and tailored edges has made laser hair removal a more popular choice for the facial area. As we can reach smaller sections with our best in class Cynosure devices, we can ensure that the smooth areas of the face stay smooth and without the need for every-day shaving, making that beard look effortlessly coiffured, every day.

The best laser hair removal results using the best tech

Laser hair removal is very comfortable when administered by a trained professional, using medical-grade technology. Compared to waxing or epilating, which can be tortuous for a man to go through, especially on intimate areas; laser hair removal is a walk in the park in comparison. I see male patients regularly and very few of them complain of pain.

Laser hair removal can offer permanent results, making it both convenient and cost-effective, as usually, a course of treatment will be enough to ensure up to 90% less hair growth. Considering that the average person will spend around £10K per year on hair removal products and painful treatments, laser hair removal can cut this cost considerably, after an initial outlay for the course and once-yearly maintenance sessions to ensure long-term results.

Laser hair removal for men in London

Women have paved the way with laser hair removal and men are now catching on to this treatment to manage and eradicate their unwanted facial and body hair. At Skin Perfection London we have extensive experience in offering a discrete and pleasant experience for both men and women, so when you come to our clinic, you can be sure of an effective, safe and professional laser hair removal experience.

You can book a laser hair removal consultation at our high-tech clinic in minutes, just get in touch with us today. I’m happy to advise on any questions or queries you have, too.

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