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Why avoid sun exposure during laser hair removal?

Sun exposure during laser hair removal: Summer is one of the most popular seasons to get rid of unwanted and excess hair, for obvious reasons! We are all outside more, wearing less clothing and we and want to be confident in our bodies. At Skin Perfection, London, we find that our laser hair removal treatments increase dramatically during this time as no-one wants to be worrying about hairy legs or underarms during swimsuit season!

The sun, however, can have a negative effect on the skin both before and after a session of laser hair removal and it’s important to follow certain pre and post care instructions to ensure your skin benefits from the treatment and you don’t go through any side-effects.

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal uses a laser device which emits concentrated beams of light in to the skin. The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicles where is destroys the hair and stops future growth. This procedure is highly-effective and can offer permanent results in a course of treatment.

Why avoid sun exposure during laser hair removal?

Sun exposure will need to be limited before and after your laser treatments. Laser hair removal works best on skin that is not tanned and on hair that hasn’t been bleached by the sun (as laser needs to work on the melanin in the hair). If you’ve recently been exposed to the sun, your skin will be more sensitive to heat and will have more melanin within it, so may be more likely to suffer damage during laser hair removal.

It’s also important to protect your skin after your laser treatment as it will be sensitive afterwards and more susceptible than usual to sun-damage. If you do need to go out in the sun, apply plenty of high-factor sunscreen of at least SPF 30. Wearing protective clothing such as a wide-brimmed hat and loose-fitting clothing will help to cool the skin and protect it from the sun.

Timing is everything during the summer months, when it comes to laser hair removal and it’s vital to let your practitioner know if you have any plans for summer holidays, so that you can time your treatments appropriately. You’ll be able to discuss when to have your treatment and any upcoming holidays or events, in a no obligation consultation, to ensure a safe and effective treatment, here at Skin Perfection London.

Laser hair removal is a superb treatment to get rid of unwanted hair during summertime, as long as you take care of your skin and protect it properly before and after your treatment sessions. The results could mean ditching the razor for good!

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