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Hairy Back Laser Hair Removal

Hairy back laser hair removal: Let’s face it, a hairy back is not attractive, no matter how ‘Sean Connery’ the rest of a guy may appear. As much as some hair on a man can look distinguished and rugged, if a fellow on the beach has fuzz on his back and shoulders, it’s not the best look in the world.

Recent research found that 46% of British men now remove hair from their bodies. It appears that most regions of a man’s body are candidates for treatment, as it was found that 57 per cent of young males aged 16-24 say they have shaved, waxed and lasered their way to smoother skin.

At Skin Perfection, I am seeing more and more men come in to the clinic (of all ages!), asking for laser hair removal to permanently reduce unwanted hair and in many cases, this is for the back. After all, it’s pretty difficult to reach this area with a razor (unless a loved one is stepping in to the shower with you –  hardly romantic!) and waxing this area can be tortuous! What’s more, most hair removal treatments are temporary; shaving being the real culprit as some have to do it as many times as twice a day to keep the fuzz at bay.

For many men, hair removal can be embarrassing so having a permanent solution to the problem can be a God send for many guys.

This is where laser comes in.

Hairy back laser hair removal process

Laser hair removal is arguably the effective way to permanently reduce unwanted or excess hair on the face and the body. It’s clinically-proven, virtually pain-free and offers no significant downtime or side-effects.

It works by emitting a specially selected wavelength of light energy in to the hair follicle, heating it up so that it doesn’t produce hair anymore. Over a course of around 8 to 10 sessions (everyone is different in how they respond and how many sessions it will take) you could see up to a 90% reduction in hair growth.

At Skin Perfection we use the crème de la crème of laser equipment and this is made by Cynosure, one of the world’s leading medical aesthetic device companies. Clinically proven and medical-grade, we cut no corners in the technology we invest in, so we can bring you lasting results with equipment that is safe to administer treatment.

Laser hair removal can offer you permanent results, making it both convenient and cost-effective when you consider that the average person will spend around £10K in their lifetime on hair removal products and painful treatments. A course should rid you of the majority of your unwanted hair but you might need the odd top up every 6 months to maintain results. Hardly a chore compared to 4-weekly waxing sessions or daily shaves!

Laser hair removal at Skin Perfection London

At Skin Perfection, we are also masters of discretion, as we understand that many men want to keep their grooming secrets just that, secret! So we maintain client confidentiality and adhere to all CQC and GMC regulations to ensure our clinic runs efficiently and professionally. However, if you are someone who is considering laser hair removal for the back area, you’re not alone, so should never feel embarrassed, self-conscious or that you’re the only man you know to be seeking this treatment. We see hundreds of men every year who wish to improve their appearance and have a smoother back, for those intimate moments with their other-halves or even wandering around by the pool or the beach!

We offer evening and Saturday appointments, so you can fit your treatment around your busy lifestyle!

Laser hair removal can be life-changing, and though that sounds rather dramatic, I have seen the effects that this treatment can offer, first-hand. Not having to worry about unsightly hair on your back can give you time to do the things in life that really matter!

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