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Best treatments for red skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects our internal organs, regulates temperature, allows us to feel sensation and warns us when we may be in danger of harm by feeling pain. It’s no wonder then than we can experience various issues with the skin, such as redness and discolouration. This can be due to excessive sun exposure or the harsh elements like strong winds or the cold, everyday chemicals, washes and creams or due to skin sensitivity or a particular skin condition such as rosacea or eczema.

I’m asked all the time about skin redness, what causes it, and what can be done to treat it. The answer is, everyone is different, so I have adopted many approaches.

At Skin Perfection in the heart of London’s West End and only 5 minutes from Harley Street, we offer some of the most effective, proven in-clinic treatments to combat skin redness and soothe and repair the skin.

Treatments for red skin include

  • Laser photo-facial skin rejuvenation – this treatment improves skin tone and texture and offers minimal downtime as a procedure. Laser photo-facial skin rejuvenation is suitable for a wide-range of skin conditions including sun-damage, pigmentation and irritated, red skin. A course of treatment is recommended as well as a pre-treatment consultation, for the best results.
  • LED light therapy can be hugely beneficial for red, inflamed and discoloured skin. A specially selected light energy is exposed to the skin. It promotes collagen stimulation, suppresses inflammation and reduces irritation and redness. LED light therapy can be used as a soothing stand-alone treatment or with other procedures such as Dermafrac microneedling, skin peels or laser treatments. LED light therapy is a superb treatment for skin conditions such as rosacea.
  • Skin peels and resurfacers – you may think that a skin peel could irritate or upset the surface of the skin. However, if the right products are selected, a skin peel or resurfacing solution can actually soothe red, irritated or discoloured skin.
  • At home use products – our range of cosmeceutical products cannot be bought over the counter in supermarkets, department stores or general pharmacies as they are medical-grade products which need to be prescribed correctly for a specific skin concern. Our range of treatments for red, irritated or hyperpigmented skins include Epionce, Dermaquest and Obagi, as well as Skinade, a highly-effective, clinically-proven orally taken collagen drink which helps to heal the skin from the inside out.

If you are experiencing skin irritation, redness or discolouration, it’s advisable to attend a no-obligation consultation for an initial examination and skin assessment. This helps us to detect any chronic conditions and prescribe the most suitable and effective treatment for you.

It may well be that we recommend a course of one particular treatment, or create a bespoke, holistic solution to include two or more treatments, for optimum results.

Treatments for red skin in London at Skin Perfection

Don’t suffer with red skin and dismiss it, or spend money covering it. By visiting one of my skilled experts at Skin Perfection London, we can help you treat it and restore your confidence.

Contact my team today to ask any further questions, or to book your appointment.

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