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Laser hair removal costs less than you think

Laser hair removal is arguably the most effective and long-term way to permanently reduce unwanted hair on the face and the body. It’s suitable for men and women and in recent years, has become more accessible to those with darker as well as lighter skins.

At Skin Perfection in the West End of London and only minutes away from Harley Street, we specialise in laser hair removal as one of our key offerings and treat thousands of patients every year effectively and safely with far less discomfort than previous technologies and devices.

What about the cost?

Traditionally laser hair removal has been thought of as only attainable by the rich and famous.

This is because when it was first introduced as an in-clinic treatment, there were very few established practitioners and machinery was incredibly expensive and the treatment was quite slow to administer. This meant that the cost to the end user was pretty steep! Making the treatment inaccessible to many, as well as painful to go through!

In recent years, laser hair removal has been publicised by by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham. Its coverage in the press has increased awareness of the treatment, meaning more and more people want to attain the same results as their idols. This in turn has increased demand and thus, increased the number of clinics offering the treatment.

The more clinics offering laser hair removal, the more competition and in true form, this competition has driven down the costs as demand has risen.

Cheap laser hair removal?

However, don’t confuse ‘cheap’ prices with reasonable ones.

At Skin Perfection, we only use medical-grade lasers by Cynosure, a leading global laser hair device company, which means that for you, it’s a safer, more comfortable and faster treatment. Faster treatments mean less time for our practitioners, saving you money.

There are cheap devices on the market which may not be safe or regulated. So what you think might be a great deal may well be a false economy for both your finances and your health. Therefore, never swap quality and value for the cheapest option available just to save those few extra pounds.

To help you make savings on your laser hair removal treatment here at Skin Perfection, we offer a range of specialised packages and treatment combinations.

Some examples of previous offers* have included:

  • Save 40% off a course of 6 treatments
  • Save 45% off a course of 8 treatments
  • Save 30% off a top up of 3 treatments
  • Bikini combinations
  • Body and face combinations
  • Half body package
  • Full body, including or without facial treatments

View our latest offers

Here at Skin Perfection, we are passionate about offering great value but not compromising on efficacy of treatment as well as patient safety. We believe we have some of the UK’s most talented and highly-qualified practitioners and some of the world’s finest laser hair removal equipment.

Coupled with our aim to make laser hair removal available for everyone, Skin Perfection London couldn’t be a better choice when it comes to permanently reducing your unwanted hair, without damaging your pocket!

Contact us to learn more about affordable laser hair removal, or to book your no-obligation consultation.

*These previous offers are a representative example of offers that Skin Perfection London have provided, for a limited time, on laser hair removal. They do not represent offers available at the time of reading and you must contact us for our latest, live promotions.

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