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Laser Hair Removal Reviews

Laser hair removal reviews: Laser hair removal is now one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. This is due to the fact, that when administered by a highly-qualified and well-trained laser practitioner using a superior laser hair removal device, it works! However, as the treatment is so sought after and the high-quality devices used to administer this treatment aren’t cheap, there are clinics popping up all over, that might not be able to offer the type of devices that can guarantee safety and efficacy as well as the comprehensive training needed to give a practitioner all the knowledge and education they require so they can administer laser hair removal safely and effectively.

At Skin Perfection, London, we have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds on the very best, gold standard laser hair devices from Cynosure. This means our treatments are of the highest quality on offer and are extremely successful in delivering fast, comfortable and lasting results. The reviews we receive from our many satisfied patients speak for themselves!

Real laser hair removal reviews

“I had my first session of laser hair removal today. I was anxious but Lauren B was very informative, professional and patient. I even noticed results from my patch test. The clinic is sparkling clean and clinically spotless. They are fully-informed and professionally-trained and I am looking forward to the rest of my treatments” – Sashy Nightingale

“Skin Perfection is one of the best clinics I have ever been to, they know what they talking about when it comes to your skin… When you first step in the clinic you are made to feel very welcome not rushed and they listen to what your concerns are about your skin, and what products will be best for your skin” – Caroline Hendey

“Skin Perfection was recommended to me by a friend (skin tone ref: Kelly Rowland) who experienced fantastic results from having laser hair removal. After booking my consultation I then went on to complete an 8 sessions course of laser hair removal. The results for me have been life-altering as I no longer have to wax or use razors. I actually saw a big reduction in hair growth after just the first session. Areas I had treated were: face, underarms, bikini. I also had three sessions of a chemical peel which was recommended for me based on the free photo skin analysis which I took advantage of. For reference, I am of Caribbean descent with a medium-dark skin tone” – Google Reviewer

Laser hair removal in London at Skin Perfection

Before a course of laser hair removal treatment can commence here at Skin Perfection, London, we request that you attend a no-obligation consultation and patch test, so that we can make an accurate analysis on your skin type, hair type and estimate how many treatments you may require for your specific concern. This will give our practitioners the opportunity to get to know you better and for you to obtain as much information and knowledge that you will need, about your laser hair removal treatment. After which, you will be then invited back to the clinic to commence your treatment.

Laser hair removal is a life-changing procedure, giving thousands of people in the UK more confidence in their appearance, as well as being a convenient way to permanently reduce unwanted hair. Our laser hair removal reviews are a testament to our performance in this field and the safe, effective treatments we perform, every day.

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