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What acne scars do I have?

Acne affects most of us at some point in our lives, usually when we are in our teens and early twenties, although for some, adult acne can continue into later years.

Acne appears when pores on the skin or hair follicles get clogged by oil and dead skin cells, resulting in the formation of comedones. This results in bacteria to grow, which causes redness, spots and inflammation to the skin.

While some people may never experience scarring, most acne patients are left with acne scars post acne. The type of acne scarring you can experience all depends on the type of acne you develop and how you treat it.

First let’s talk about the types of acne – mild, moderate or severe.

– Moderate acne causes red bumps and puss-filled pimples
– Mild acne causes less irritated whiteheads or blackheads, with or without a few red bumps or pustules.
– Severe acne causes inflamed spots, bumps, and cysts under the skin, that can leave permanent scarring as it heals. The scarring forms or may get worse, after we are unable to resist squeezing and picking at them instead of treating them and letting them heal.

It is not only the face, that can be affected by acne. Many of our patients also suffer from the condition on their body areas such as upper or lower back, neck, arms and buttocks.

Types of acne scars

1. Atrophic scars – broad, flat & shallow depression in the skin. Their appearance can vary, but the three most common types are
• Boxcar scars – these are usually wider, deeper and have straight edges shaped like a box. Box shaped scars are caused by widespread acne, chickenpox or itchy rashes.
• Icepick scars – these are smaller, more narrow and deeper indentations on the skin.
• Rolling scars – these are vary in depth, with edges that make the skin appear uneven and wavy

2. Hypertrophic scars – raised lump of scar tissue where once the acne was, the same size as the acne that caused them.

3. Keloid scars – raised lump of scar tissue where once the acne was, however keloid scars create a larger scar than the original acne that caused them and they can grow beyond.

4. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – After acne heals, it often leaves behind discoloured patches of skin, these are not scars and in most cases they will resolve on its own with the use of consistent sun protection.

Treatments for acne scars

1. Atrophic scars – Treatment for these scars at Skin Perfection London involve 2 stages.
1st stage treatments – we focus on reducing the depth of the scars and try to even out the skin
Medical Micro needling
Laser skin rejuvenation/ skin resurfacing
Chemical peels
Medical Microdermabrasion

2nd stage treatments – we focusing on reducing any discolouration to the skin.

Laser skin rejuvenation/ skin resurfacing
Chemical peels
Home skincare ( use of daily sunblock – physical and pigment suppressor)

2. Hyperthrophic and keloid scars – Usually performed by dermatologist, who focuses on reducing the appearance of the scars.
• Steroid injections
• Surgical removal
• Laser therapy

How to book an appointment?

As the first step of your skin journey here at Skin Perfection, London, we request that you attend a no-obligation consultation and skin analysis This gives us the opportunity to analyse your skin and expose any skin conditions that surface in time that comes from the deeper layers that you may not see with the human eye. Based on the findings of our assessment your practitioner can recommend you the most beneficial treatment plan. During your first meeting with your practitioner we aim to provide you as much information and knowledge as you will need, about our procedures.

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Acne scarring

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