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Can your skincare cause breakouts?

You have probably wondered about this before when trying new products. Can your skincare cause breakouts? Yes, but not necessarily in a bad sense of the word. Let’s start with some basics. There is purging and there is breakouts. What’s the difference? And how can you tell which one you are experiencing?

What is purging?

When you start a new skincare regime, especially one with certain active ingredients ( most commonly retinoids and acidy exfoliators),  your skin can go through a phase called “purging”. Everyone is different and have unique skin. But in general purging can last between 4-6 weeks after starting a new skincare regime. Purging refers to a reaction to an active ingredient that increases skin cell turn over. As this process speeds up, you may experience faster rate in shedding of dead skin cells. 

While it’s annoying, purging is a positive process. And you will love the results, which is fresh skin cells and a clearer, younger looking complexion. However, before you get to the good part, your skin has to detoxify and get rid of all toxins, access oil, dead cells and builds up from underneath the skin. This will result in pimples, breakouts but overall this process is your skin purging.

Purging will appear on specific areas that you are prone to suffer from breakouts, dryness, flaking of the skin.

So can skincare cause breakouts?

There is a difference between purging and breakouts. While purging is inconvenient and annoying you’ll love the transformation your skin goes through. However if you experience sudden breakouts ( or dryness for that matter) on areas of the skin that you never seen before, you may be having an allergic reaction to a certain ingredient. Or you are simply displaying sensitivity and your skin just doesn’t agree with the product. In this case you should stop immediately and consult your skincare practitioner or dermatologist for further advice.

This doesn’t mean the product is bad, it just means it’s not right for you. When it comes to skin care the temptation is instant. You are looking at pretty packaging and attractive marketing language that promises firm, plump, youthful and flawless skin. But the secret lies in the ingredients!

Knowing the right ingredients will allow you to choose the most effective skin products for your skin. Saving you time, money and breakouts later down the line.

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