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Can acne scars be removed?

Patients who’ve suffered from acne are more likely to experience acne scarring post breakouts. Which is super annoying for them. In addition that they’d to go through the stress that comes with acne, at the end they’re left wondering – Can acne scars be removed? 

The answer is yes. There are several treatment options that are suitable to treat acne scars. But it all depends on your skin which procedure would be recommended to achieve optimal results.

Acne scarring

While some people may never experience scarring, most acne patients are left with acne scars. The type of acne scarring you can experience all depends on the type of acne you develop.

Types of acne scars

1. Atrophic scars – broad, flat & shallow depressions in the skin. Their appearance can vary, but the three most common types are;

  • Boxcar scars – they’re usually wider, deeper and have straight edges shaped like a box. They’re the result of  widespread acne, chickenpox or itchy rashes. 
  • Icepick scars – they’re smaller, more narrow and deeper. 
  • Rolling scars – they’re vary in depth, with edges that make the skin appear uneven and wavy

2. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation After acne heals, it often leaves behind discoloured patches of skin. But these aren’t scars and in most cases they’ll resolve on their own with the use of consistent sun protection.


In the first stage the treatment focuses on reducing the depth of the scars and try to even out your skin. Treatments that are suitable at this stage are;

Once the skin’s more even and the scars are visibly reduced the treatment focus shifts on reducing any discolouration to the skin. Suitable treatments at this stage are;

3. Hypertrophic scars – raised lump of scar tissue where once the acne was. They’re the same size as the acne that caused them. As for treatments usually removed by dermatologist, who focuses on reducing the appearance of the scars.

4. Keloid scars – raised lump of scar tissue where once the acne was. However keloid scars create a larger scar than the original acne that caused them. And in addition they can grow beyond. As for treatments  usually removed by dermatologist, who focuses on reducing the appearance of the scars.

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