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What’s the difference – Hydration vs Moisturization?

When walking down the skin care isle, you may find yourself asking what’s the difference between Hydration vs Moisturization? Most of us grew up thinking they’re the same but we couldn’t be more wrong. Hydration and moisturization go hand in hand and both are super important elements of maintaining a healthy, glowing and youthful complexion. But what’s the difference?

What’s the difference – Hydration vs Moisturization?

Water is a vital part of a healthy skin, which is our biggest organ by the way. So why not take care of it properly? Hydration and moisturization are both key elements in keeping your skin nourished, healthy, smooth and radiant. While minimising the appearance of lines and wrinkles which are both signs of premature ageing. A healthy balanced skin is also less prone to breakouts that can also be the result of dry skin. The main difference lies in the way they help your skin get the water it needs to stay glowing and youthful. 


Hydration means you’re delivering water to your skin. When your skin cells get the water they’ll swell and become plump. Like a nice little cherry that is plump and shiny as it bounces back the light. But when your cells loose the water they’ll loose elasticity and will look dull and dry on the surface. When you’re using topical products to deliver water to your skin, such as serums like Hyaluronic acid, you’re essentially infusing your skin cells with water that will help the skin’s ability to absorb moisture and nutrients.


During moisturization you’re locking and sealing that water in to the skin. When you use moisturising creams you’re creating  protective layers ( barrier) to prevent your cells loosing the water. While also keeping your skin smooth and soft.

You see how the two works together? One can’t go without the other and if you do it right  your skin will thank you for it. Knowing the difference between hydration and moisturaztion will help you make better choices when shopping for skin care. And will help you maintain a healthy glowing complexion.

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