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Can you prevent acne?

Can you prevent acne? And what are the 5 things you can start to do right now?  When it comes to treating acne one of the causes in many cases is poor skin care, lack of vitamins and nutrients and of course life style. Most of these are something you have control over and if you start now you can prevent acne and other skin conditions such as acne scarring and hyper pigmentation.

5 step that can help you prevent acne

Acne appears after bacteria, dead skin cells, sweat and oil becomes trapped on your skin. During the past year, face masks have become a new piece of clothing that is part of our daily life. And one that has caused patients who never suffered from acne now also experiencing breakouts. Face masks cause friction and rubbing, leading to breakouts on the face now more often than before.

Tip 1 – Change your face mask at least twice a day. This will reduce the amount of oil that rubs over your skin. And gives you an opportunity to clean the face between masks. And lets your skin breath for a moment. If you use cloth masks, ensure you wash and change these daily.

Tip 2 – Ensure you keep up with your daily skincare routine even more consistent than ever before. And avoid any products that can irritate your skin.

Tip 3 – Wash your face with gentle cleanser that is mild and fragrant free (morning and night).

Tip 4 – Moisturize your skin daily. Adding moisturiser can create a protective layer especially if you have dry and sensitive skin.

Tip 5 – Minimise your daily use of make up. If you can avoid wearing it, opt for mineral make up, that is breathableand doesn’t clog your pores.

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