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Should you moisturise acne?

Should you moisturise your skin if you have acne? There’s so many information out there that’s wrong when it comes to skin care for patient who suffer from acne. Or even regarding moisturising as a whole. When you suffer from oily skin and breakouts you’ll likely to try anything to clear your skin but are you using the right products for your skin? Or are you making your condition worse?

Should you moisturise acne?

The answer is yes, absolutely, you still need to moisturise your skin whether you suffer form acne or not.  But if you’re one to suffer from breakouts and oily skin, no matter what grade it may be, you must make sure that your skin care is right for your skin. The avoid aggravating your acne the best solution for you would be to opt for non-clogging or non-comedogenic facial lotions or creams. And use oil free moisturisers straight after washing your face.

Harsh products can aggravate your skin. So your first choice should always be products that will calm your skin and reduce irritation.  Avoid products that contain perfume, oils, heavy moisturisers and dyes. These can all irritate your skin causing further symptoms. 

But did you know that acne acne happen without an oily skin too? That’s right, if your skin lacks moisture it may result in breakouts.  

Moisturise to avoid acne

Acne can occur on patients without an oily skin too, after build up of dead skin cells in the pores. As a result this build up forms lumps on your skin. Bacteria can also build up and make your symptoms worse.

When your skin lacks moisture it will get dry and scaly. To balance the dryness, your glands start producing more sebum. What happens if you have too much oil? It builds up in your pores and coupled with dead skin cells will block your pores resulting in pimples, inflamed spots or blackheads.

During moisturisation you’re locking and sealing that water in to the skin. When you use moisturising creams you’re creating  protective layers ( barrier) to prevent your cells loosing the water. While also keeping your skin smooth and soft.  

The importance of moisturising is understated

 If you have dry skin moisturising prevents you getting acne later down the line. This acne could be the result of poor skin care to start with so you see how the circle goes? Not moisturising your acne will have the opposite effect to what you may think. When you have acne, the issue is rooted from the inflammation in the skin. Most acne will improve when you calm it down, therefore you should moisturise your skin even if you suffer from acne. 

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