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How microneedling helps acne?

Whether you experience the odd breakouts or regular flare-ups you’re probably eager to take back control of your complexion. First by reducing the appearance of your acne and breakouts. Microneedling is a very popular treatment that will deliver the results while stimulating your collagen and promoting skin healing. You might be thinking by now how microneedling helps acne? 

How microneedling helps acne?

Problematic skin is often the result of overly active oil glands and imbalanced hormones. The excess oil gets trapped in your pores along with dead skin cells. Consequently this can lead to painful inflammation and leave your skin prone to breakouts.

Combining clinical microneedling procedures with a home routine of targeted skincare products will help you achieve the clear, glowing complexion you deserve.

Microneedling for acne scars

The Dermapen treatment can provide drastic results improving the appearances of your scars. The micro needles of the Dermapen create new collagen and elastin to be generated and deposited. However the added benefit of new the skin growth is also a result which can improve blood supply to the area which helps create healthier existing skin. And also provide a healthy foundation for the new skin. The Dermapen keeps the epidermis integrity full intact while treating the area which speeds up healing time and causes less pain.

Dermapen microneedling at Skin Perfection London

Dermapen’s vertical stamping method is the most effective way to stimulate new skin . This stimulation is quick, easy and keeps the epidermis intact.

During the procedure your specially trained and skilled practitioner will effortlessly control the Dermapen. The 16-needle cartridge glides over the skin, creating up to 1,920 fractional micro-channels per second. Due to the microfine needles, incredible speed, and quality seals, a clinical procedure with the Dermapen 4 is virtually pain-free and finished in no-time.

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