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Pregnancy during laser hair removal

Regardless if you’re new to laser treatments or in the middle of your course; you may have been wondering whether laser hair removal is safe during pregnancy? Laser hair removal is one of the most effective way of removing unwanted body and facial hair with long lasting results. But if you’re pregnant or undergoing hormonal treatments laser  won’t be the safest option for you. And it won’t be recommended until after breast feeding. 

Laser hair removal

Laser works by emitting heat, that is picked up by the pigment in your hair and transported to the hair root. Here the light energy turns into heat. Which then destroys the hair root preventing future growth. 

During pregnancy as a result of the extra boost of hormonal activities you’re likely to produce more hair. This may include hair on those areas where you never had hair before. 

Pregnancy during laser hair removal

Because currently there’s no data and research to prove that cosmetic laser treatments are safe for your baby, most doctors advise against laser hair removal during pregnancy. With the unknown on how laser hair removal may affect expectant mothers and their babies researchers aren’t likely to conduct studies anytime soon. And you’re encouraged to stop laser hair removal as soon as you find out you’re pregnant.

Cynosure specifically advises patients who are undergoing IVF to stop laser treatments before starting hormonal therapy as hormone treatments may compromise your laser treatment. Also based on current treatment protocols you’re advised to resume laser hair removal 12 weeks after you’ve stopped breast feeding. This 12 weeks period will allow your hormones to balance out and ensure you enjoy the full benefits of laser hair removal again. 

To discuss your suitability for laser and to learn more; why not contact my Expert team who’ll be able to give you further guidance?

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