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Can microneedling tighten your skin?

Can microneedling tighten your skin? Undoubtedly microneedling has become one of the most popular treatments when it comes to anti-ageing. And of course management of fine lines & wrinkles. Although ‘microneedling” suggest an invasive and painful procedure, it’s none of the above. While it’s suitable to treat a number of skin concerns, microneedling triggers a natural boost in your collagen and elastin.  Which then plumps your skin, helping you look younger and fresher.

Can microneedling tighten your skin?

As microneedling penetrates the skin it triggers your body’s natural healing process. Consequently generating new collagen and elastin cells. The result is tighter, firmer, softer, healthier and younger looking skin. Pretty much all what any of us would want.

Microneedling offers you a safe, natural and painless way to visibly rejuvenate your skin.  Along with also reducing the appearance of crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a win- win!

Dermapen microneedling at Skin Perfection London

The Dermapen microneedling’s vertical stamping method is the most effective way to stimulate new skin. This stimulation is quick and easy, while keeping the epidermis intact. And finally down-time is reduced to a minimum, so you don’t have to worry about being red for days.

The dermapen is an electrical device which is effortlessly controlled by your specially trained and skilled practitioner; at Skin Perfection London. Because of the multifunction of needle depths, your practitioner can select the most appropriate needle depth. This is personalised for your skin concern. Which differenciate it from the traditional roller that has only one needle depth. 

The 16-needle cartridge glides over your skin, creating up to 1,920 fractional micro-channels per second. Due to the microfine needles, incredible speed, and quality seals, a clinical procedure with the Dermapen 4 is virtually pain-free and finished in no-time.

To learn more about microneedling and whether you’re suitable, why not visit us at our Oxford Street clinic, in Central London? My Expert team will start with a thorough assessment of your skin.

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Following your assessment a personalised treatment plan will be recommended to address your skin concerns. During your first meeting you’ll receive all the information and knowledge you’ll need to keep your skin healthy.

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