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How to remove acne scars?

If you suffered from acne before, you know the feeling when you’re finally able to enjoy a spot free skin, but then you’re left with discolouration and scarring. A painful reminder of your ongoing battle with your skin that can linger for months or even years after your breakouts have cleared up. But luckily there’s a way to smooth out your complexion and enjoy a smooth and clear skin again. How to remove acne scars once and for all?

What is acne scarring?

Acne scars are marks that are left behind from breakouts. And the reason why they form is that because too much collagen is building up where a wound is healing. They can present as rolling, box scars or ice-pick scars. 

Typically when you suffer from cystic acne and tend to pick at your scars, the chances of getting scarring is much higher. Picking and squeezing your spots damages the glands, tissue and small veins surrounding your spot which creates scarring. 

How to remove acne scars?

The good news is when it comes to removing acne scars you have a number of options, including in Clinic treatments, especially if you’re trying to diminish rolling, box scar or ice-pick scars. 

During your Clinical treatment the main aim is to reduce the depth of your scars and try to even out your skin. Treatments that are suitable at this stage are;

  • Laser skin rejuvenation/ skin resurfacing ( suitable for most skin types). In just one treatment you have a more youthful looking appearance with improved tone and texture of your skin. Achieve long lasting results without the pain or side effects associates with a more invasive surgery. Best al all, you’ll still look like you – only better.
  • Chemical peels ( suitable for all skin types). Advanced skin peels penetrate the top, dead and damaged layers of skin to help reduce or completely remove the appearance of a number of skin conditions – even the more sensitive skin conditions such as acne, ingrown hair, redness, rosacea, scarring and sun damage.
  • Medical Microdermabrasion ( suitable for all skin types). This treatment is a less superficial resurfacing procedure that removes the dead skin cells from your skin, unclog blocked pores and removes black heads while giving you a healthy, glowing complexion.
  • Medical Micro needling ( suitable for all skin types). Microneedling is a rollering procedure that causes small needles to prick the skin. This punctures the skin and causes physical trauma. By causing trauma microneedling prompts the deeper layers of your skin to heal and rebuild. And also increases collagen production.

Why is collagen important?

Collagen is a very important protein that will maintain your skin’s firmness, youthfulness and smooth texture. As you age the amount of collagen in your skin reduces. And there are other factors that will also result in loss of collagen such as acne, scarring and stretch marks. So it’s clear after a certain age and after certain skin conditions your skin may a little help stimulating the production of new collagen. This where microneedling comes in to play.

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