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Can acne spread?

If you’ve been a teenager you know what acne can do to your self-confidence. The lucky ones never have to deal with breakouts again. But more and more people suffer from adult acne at later years in life. If you’re not used to experiencing skin problems, even a single acne can be alarming. And you may start wondering can acne spread? Will it get worse? Should you pick or squeeze or just let it go away by itself? Acne can spread to not only the face, but chest, shoulders and even the back.  But the good news is that you can take steps to prevent acne. Or with existing breakouts stop them from spreading to other areas. 

Why does acne occur?

Acne appears when excess oil, dead skin cells and bacteria builds up and clogs your pores.

Can acne spread? 

Yes, acne spread especially if you touch or pick the lesions. By popping your pimples, the puss and bacteria can spill over from infected pores to the surrounding areas. Resulting in further breakouts. Not to mention you could also create acne scarring by popping and squeezing. 

5 steps to prevent your acne spreading;

  1. Wash your face twice a day. To remove dirt, bacteria and excess oil it’s  important that you adapt a consistent skincare routine. But go gentle! First you should wet your skin with luke warm water, then gently wash ( never over rub) your skin. Lastly rinse thoroughly and tap dry.
  2. Know your skin type. Understanding your skin will enable you to choose the right skincare. Which will also help you prevent breakouts. 
  3. Keep your skin moisturised. Did you know that dry skin can cause breakouts? That’s right. You should always keep your skin hydrated. However if you suffer from acne opt for fragrance free, non comedogenic cleansers. 
  4. Limit make up. Applying a heavy coverage can cause blockages in your pores that’ll aggravate your acne more. If you can, go natural, or opt for fragrance free mineral make up that’s not heavy or greasy.
  5. Avoid touching your skin. This advice is more important than ever, when it comes to spreading bacteria and viruses. Your hands come into contact with surface bacteria throughout the day. And some of those pore clogging impurities may get transferred to your skin. 

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