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Should you exfoliate Keratosis Pilaris?

When it comes to Keratosis Pilaris it can be one stubborn condition which not only appears suddenly but can be a real pain to treat. Pain as in lot of effort, patience, restricted diet, consistent skincare and may be even clinical treatments. If you are a sufferer, you should definitely review your current skincare plan. And also understand what triggers or improves the condition. Knowing these will allow you to manage and reduce the appearance of the red, itchy bumps that you hate so much. First I want to talk about about exfoliation. Should you exfoliate Keratosis Pilaris?

How does Keratosis Pilaris appear on your skin?

When too much Keratin ( natural protein) builds up it’ll block the opening of your hair follicles. And you’ll start to see small itchy red and white bumps to appear. These won’t go away if you ignore them and can even get worse. Keratosis Pilaris is also know as chicken skin, after its typical appearance on your arms, legs, buttocks, thigh and even the face.

Should you exfoliate Keratosis Pilaris?

To manage your condition your skincare game has to be on point otherwise your symptoms may even get worse. The best way to treat your KP is by exfoliating and moisturising your skin regularly. However you should be careful when exfoliating and should go gentle on your skin. 

To avoid over-exfoliating you should limit yourself to once or twice a week exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells and debris from the top layer of your skin.  For a mild yet effective treatment our recommendation is to either use sugary scrubs, microdermabrasion and or an acid based exfoliator  that can gently but effectively peel away to the top layers and soften your skin. This step should then be followed up with a moisturiser cream or lotion lactic, salicylic, or glycolic acid.

To learn more about Keratosis Pilaris and how could you manage your conditions why not contact our Expert team who can assess your skin and advise you on appropriate skin care. 

How to book an appointment?

As the first step of your hair removal journey at Skin Perfection London, we request that you attend a no-obligation consultation and patch test. Firstly, this gives you the opportunity to learn more about the process. How does the treatment work? Why is it effective? How many treatments you need? What’s the best treatment for your skin? How to prepare your skin for the treatment? And about the contraindications to the treatment. Finally to confirm suitability we’ll carry out a quick patch test.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at SP. Our highly trained and skilled aesthetic practitioners have many years of experience, so you can be confident you’re in the best hands. And, you can be sure, you’ll always have a stress-free relaxing experience.

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