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Should you pop acne?

Should you pop your acne? Whether you’re used to breakouts or you get the odd pimples, the temptation is instant to pop the culprit and feel like you’ve diminished it once and for all. And what about the ones that are painful and almost begging for you to pop them? Sounds familiar? No matter how big the temptation is and how frustrating pimples are, you should never pop your acne.

Should you pop acne?

Popping and squeezing your spots may feel good, but it  could leave your skin with irritation, scarring, marks and even discolouration. Not to mention in the process of bursting your acne, bacteria and pus can spread on to other areas of your skin and stimulate further breakouts. And don’t forget your hands also come into contact with surface bacteria throughout the day. And some of those pore clogging impurities may get transferred to your skin. 

Popping your acne could make your spots even more visible and also slow down the healing process. In conclusion you should leave your spots alone.

A consistent skincare routine will help you treat and prevent breakouts

Your best chance of preventing acne and breakouts is a very consistent skin care plan, one that you can follow religiously. This will help you treat the cause of your breakouts minimising the occurrence of spots. 

But remember what works for some, may not be suitable for you. And before using any products you purchased online, you should always speak to your skin practitioner. Each treatment plan should be unique considering your skin, sensitivity and medical background.

To learn more about your skin and how to stop your acne breakouts, why not visit us at our Oxford Street clinic, in Central London? My Expert team will start with a thorough assessment of your skin.

How to book an appointment?

As the first step of your skin journey  at Skin Perfection, you will be invited to attend a no obligations consultation. This will give you the opportunity to get a good understanding of  your skin.

Following your assessment a personalised treatment plan will be recommended to address your skin concerns. During your first meeting you’ll receive all the information and knowledge you’ll need to keep your skin healthy.

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