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Can pigmentation come back?

Can pigmentation come back once treated? It depends on your treatment approach. If you’ve been experimenting with short term solutions rather than address the root cause. your pigmentation will keep coming back. That’s why its super important that you seek advice from a trained professional or Dermatologist.  And never just rely on receipes from Youtube or other unconfirmed online sources. 

What is pigmentation?

Pigmentation occurs when your skin produces more melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin colour. The patches can vary in size and may develop on different parts of your body. Most patient report pigmentation on their face, chest and back, but it may affect other parts of your body.

Pigmentation can occur after different conditions and factors alter the melanin production in your body. 

These factors can be, but not limited to the following;

 Sun damage – spending too much time in the sun, can give you a greater risk of developing pigmentation or more serious conditions. While you expose your skin to sun light without protection,  the damaged pigment cells will leak pigment into the deeper layers of your skin. As a result your treatment can take longer.  And will require more effort to be successful.

Post acne scarring – after acne heals, it often leaves behind discoloured patches of skin, these are not scars and in most cases they’ll resolve on their own with the use of consistent sun protection and skin care as well as in clinic treatments.

Inflammation post eczema or other inflammatory skin conditions. – Skin rashes and acne have the ability to stimulate pigment cells in the skin. Resulting in the access pigment to splash on to the lower levels of your skin. The deeper this pigment goes the harder it’ll be to treat.

Hormonal changes( usually post pregnancy) Melasma – a form of hyperpigmentation that’s triggered by  UV light and hormonal changes ( most commonly pregnancy). Melasma mainly affects women and appears most commonly on the forehead, chin and top lip. Because sun exposure can bring it more to the surface many patients confuse melasma with sun damage.

Can pigmentation come back?

If you understand the triggers of your pigmentation you can seek treatment to address what causes it in the first place. But your in clinic treatment will only be effective  if you incorporate a very consistent and specific skincare recommended by your skin practitioner. These are designed to lighten the discolouration, protect and surpress your melanin cells and even out your skin tone. 

Also using daily sun protection and limiting your time spent under direct sun light are one of the most important steps you can take to prevent your pigmentation coming back. 

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